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Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Have Failed You ...

I have failed you, oh loyal reader.

The previous post, this week's church-less movie of the week, I actually wrote that last night before I went to bed and scheduled it to post this sunday morning which is usually when I get time all by myself to watch some crappy movie while everyone else is at church.

Well, looks like they didn't go to church. So my usual sunday ritual of watching a crappy movie and finally getting some peaceful time alone to do what I want without the kids was interrupted by screaming children, petty relationship arguments and family drama.

I hope you enjoy seeing this week's church-less movie of the week. Because I haven't seen it. And now we have to take our computer into Best Buy for them to fix it because it keeps overheating and shutting itself down. So I don't know when or IF I will be able to see this week's movie. Which is lame ass because I really wanted to see that piece of shit.

Plus, and I hope I'm not an asshole for saying this, but I always love being alone on sunday mornings. On any given weekday my job will be stressful, I'll be exhausted from it PLUS they LOVE getting me in trouble over nothing. That's stressful. Then my kids are yelling and screaming, Bela's freaking out or crying and Emerald is developing an attitude, plus my wife and I fight over the smallest things. That's all stressful. And having Natasha's family so CLOSE to us adds so much stupid drama into my life. So Sunday is usually MY day to decompress and relax. And I haven't had that for two sundays now.

I'm libel to explode over here.

Anyway, here's some free music for your punk ass, courtesy of the goddamn WIND CLAN which rules all other blogs ...

MF Doom: Lightworks

The Beatles: Glass Onion

Eels: I'm A Loser (Beatles cover)

Rockabye Baby: Dear Prudence (lullaby version)

John Lennon: Watching The Wheels (acoustic)

Ernie (Sesame Street): I Don't Want To Love On The Moon

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