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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Steve's (usually) Church-Less Movie Of The Week ...

Well, church is finally over and now Natasha's going to a baby shower, leaving me at home with my two darling girls.

And today I'm treating them to a freakin' CLASSIC ...

Yoinked from the wiki ...

"Muppet Treasure Island is the fifth feature film to star The Muppets. It was released in 1996 and directed by Jim Henson's son Brian Henson. It was one of many film adaptations of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island.

Similarly to the earlier Muppet Christmas Carol, the key roles were played by human stars, with the Muppets in supporting roles. Tim Curry played Long John Silver and Kevin Bishop played Jim Hawkins. Muppet Kermit the Frog played Captain Abraham Smollett, Fozzie Bear was Squire Trelawney, Sam the Eagle was Mr. Samuel Arrow, and Miss Piggy portrayed the gender-flipped castaway "Benjamina" Gunn. Following their success as the narrators of The Muppet Christmas Carol, The Great Gonzo and Rizzo the Rat appeared in specially-created roles as Jim Hawkins' best friends.

Muppet Treasure Island received positive reviews. Rotten Tomatoes reported that 68% of critics gave positive reviews, The film was also a commercial success grossing $34,327,391 during its theaterical run surpassing the grosses of The Muppet Christmas Carol, The Muppets Take Manhattan and The Great Muppet Caper. The film has been considered a major cult hit and leaves its fans wondering if there is possibly a better film.

Hormel Foods Corporation, makers of Spam, sued the film production company for using the name Spa'am for one of the film's wart hog characters. Their suit was defeated on September 22, 1995. The judge dismissed it after a trial for failure to prove damages, noting, 'one might think Hormel would welcome the association with a genuine source of pork.'"

Steve's Snacks Of The Week:




One Fruit Roll-Up

Nothing Else Because Gluten-Free Sucks ASS!

The following picture I found on the internet - they are NOT my kids. Just want to make that clear.

Might make it a double feature, as usual. While I was looking for Muppet Treasure Island for free to show you guys (I didn't find it, sorry) I found a great free copy of La Bamba. That's some old school shit right there. I LOVE that damn movie!

So stay tuned. Anyways, here's what I've seen so far on sundays ...

December 7th: Godzilla VS Mecha-Godzilla

December 14th: Godzilla VS Mothra

December 21st: Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster

December 28th: Lord of the Rings (Rifftrack edition)

January 4th: Godzilla VS The Sea Monster

January 11th: Series 7 (The Contenders)

January 18th: House of Wax

January 25th: Police Story 3

February 1st: Left Behind the Movie

February 15th: Godzilla VS Megalon

February 22nd: Jesus Christ Superstar

March 1st (part 1): Duck Soup

March 1st (part 2): Godzilla Final Wars

March 8th (part 1): Godzilla VS The Smog Monster

March 8th (part 2): The Three Caballeros

March 15th: Sonny Chiba's "The Street Fighter" (free to watch)

March 29th (part 1): I Bury The Living

March 29th (part 2): Drive-In Massacre (free to watch)

April 15th: Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack (free to watch)

April 25th (part 1): Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla

April 25th (part 2): Godzilla Tokyo S.O.S. (free to watch)

May 3rd (part 1): Sex Madness (free to watch)

May 3rd (part 2): Frankenstein Conquers the World

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Reverend Steve said...

Damn! Forgot how GOOD this movie is!