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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Has Been Moved To NEXT Sunday ...

My daughter Emerald just left to go spend the day with her father, her BIOLOGICAL father Mark. It really hurt my feelings that she wanted to spend Father's Day with a man who is never around. I'm the one who is always here for her, always taking care of her, and now I feel so alone and worthless.

But I'm trying to convince myself that NEXT sunday will be Father's Day just for Emerald and me. Because NEXT sunday it will be just her and me getting our pay-per-view on ...

This will be my next sunday ...

At noon my daughter and I will get our wrestling clothes on and our fan signs. She is thinking of making one that says FUTURE DIVA with an arrow pointing to her. I don't know what sign I'll make. I've also got a TON of wrestling shirts but I think I want to get a white shirt and write on it "DO NOT TAUNT HAPPY FUN BALL" for no real reason other than I'm a nerd ...

... and then we'll make our way to Arco Arena. We'll stop somewhere along the way and get a big lunch. Maybe we'll go somewhere we can sit down at and eat. No fast food. Then we'll hit a grocery store and stock up for some hardcore tailgating. Ice, snacks, drinks, water bottles. I'll be sure to bring sunscreen because Emerald ...

... is as white as a goddamn ghost. We'll get there around 1:30pm and hang out and snack and people-watch. Then at 2pm there's a free concert in the parking lot before the show. It will be Emerald's second concert after seeing Los Lonely Boys a few years back. Adelitas Way will hit the stage at 2:10, introduced by WWE diva Kelly Kelly. Then Rev Theory will play at 3:00 and I'm really excited to see them live because A) I hardly ever see concerts anymore now that I'm whipped, and B) their music kicks ass ...

Rev Theory: Voices
Rev Theory: You're The One
Adelita's Way: Last Stand
Adelita's Way: Inside

... and then we'll make our way to our seats. I'll buy her a program and I'll even let her buy ONE THING at the big souvenir stands they'll have there. She'll probably want a shirt or maybe an action figure or some sort of big foam hand. And when we sit down at our seats we'll go over the program and see what matches we really want to see. She'll thank me for taking her and when the show starts and the fireworks go off and everything she'll watch with her eyes open and so wide. And she'll think she has the greatest dad in the world for taking her to the pay-per-view and she'll forget all about her real dad because I'm the only man she needs in her life. When the show ends it will be around 8:15 but as people walk out of the arena we'll still just sit there for a while and watch everyone leave. Em will be tired and I'll carry her to the car. She'll sleep on the drive home and I'll be happy that my oldest daughter and I could share a perfect day, just her and me.

Thinking this makes me feel better about her not wanting to be with me this Father's Day.

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Reverend Steve said...

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