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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Steve's Church-Less Movie Of The Week: Documentary Edition ...

Today we will be expanding our minds by watching documentaries. After a feature film and an intermission we will watch two free short film docs, one on cockfighting and one on Michael Jackson.

So buckle up, buttercups ...

Yoinked from a number of pages ...

"Air Guitar Nation is a feature-length 2006 documentary about the first US Air Guitar Championships, following the top contestants, David 'C-Diddy' Jung and Dan 'Björn Türoque' Crane, to the 2003 World Championship in Oulu, Finland. The film premiered in 2006 as part of the AFI/Discovery Channel Documentary Film Festival and was then played at the 2007 Adelaide International Film Festival. Founded in 2003, the US Air Guitar Championships have grown into a major national event that reaches more cities, fans and competitors every year.

Air Guitar Nation chronicles the birth of the US Air Guitar Championships as legions of aspiring rock stars compete to become the greatest air guitarist in the world. Two would-be rock legends emerge and strum their way towards glory and the coveted national title. Samurai warrior C. Diddy emerges as an early favorite, but his arch nemesis Björn Türoque is not far behind. Will Björn s technical prowess, attitude, and airness be enough to take him to the top, or will C. Diddy conquer all to become America s first supreme being of air guitar?

As the film reaches its climax, the future of Air hangs in the balance; will Björn's technical prowess, stage presence, and airness1 be enough to take him to the top, or will C. Diddy conquer all to become America's first supreme being of Air Guitar? Full of triumph and disappointment, patriotic spirit and political tension and, of course, invisible guitars. Air Guitar Nation and filmmaker Alexandra Lipsitz take audiences on an inspiring, exhilarating, and ultimately hilarious journey that delves deep to find out what it truly takes to become the best in the world and find the inner meaning of the chant, Make Air, Not War."

Steve's Snacks of The Week:



Nasal Drip And Nasal Meds Aftertaste

Dads Old Fashioned Root Beer (In A Bottle)

Lays Potato Chips

Cracker Jacks

Gummy Bears

I wasn't able to find a proper FREE version to share with y'all. So this is a solo project today. My bad. But seriously I bought it in a clearance bin at Savemart for about five bucks, so it's not like this costs billions.

But be sure to stick around, because after I watch this AND a short intermission we have some FREE crazy short docs. So stay tuned ...

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I had no idea how much I would get INTO this movie!