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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Steve's Church-Less Movie Of The Week: Turkish Edition (Part 2) ...

Yoinked from wikipedia, and ...

"Turist Ömer or Ömer the Tourist is a recurring character in a series of comic films made in Turkey between 1964 and 1973. The character was played by Sadri Alışık. Turist Ömer first appeared as a supporting character in a 1963 film by Hulki Saner Helal Olsun Ali Abi. He was a friend of the protagonist's in that film. The character was liked so much by the people that a whole series of feature films was produced with him as the lead character played by another famous Turkish actor Ayhan Işık.

By now, you're aware of Turkey’s proud history of stealing American films and remaking them with no money and their own unique set of production values. When they remade Superman, Superman became a homemade doll dangling on string in front of a black and white TV, and when they remade Star Wars, Luke Skywalker fought an army of Cookie Monsters on a field of trampolines. And even if you do speak Turkish, their remakes of films are confusing madness, but invariably end up being twice as entertaining as the original. Turkish Star Trek continues this cinematic tradition.

In Turkey it’s called Turist Omer Uzay Yolunda which literally translates into Ömer the Tourist In Space. This film attempts to copy a large chunk of the "Man Trap" Star Trek episode almost word for word. Unlike Star Wars, which was a straight ripoff of the original, Turkish Trek is actually an installment in the Ömer The Tourist series, where a plain-spoken guy named Ömer wanders into bizarre scrapes. Here, Ömer wanders into a Trek episode and gets accused of being the salt-vampire killer. This film proves that Turkish cinema is to comedy what Turkish cinema is to everything else it tries."

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Reverend Steve said...

I can't finish this movie. It is a pile of revolting shit.