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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Total Internet Torture ...

It's only been five days without a computer but it feels like a million years. It's torture not having a computer. It's like virtual waterboarding. And we can't afford to fix our laptop, so if I want the internets I have to use the one next door at my mother-in-laws house OR in the managers office at work. Either way it's uncomforatble.

And to add to the total internet torture atmosphere a few days ago our air conditioner broke. Totally dead. I come home from an exhausting day at work and it's 99-degrees in our house. It was burning up. I mean, it's fixed NOW and we only went two days without AC but to be computerless, internetless, foodless AND airless, it was like hell on earth.

I'm trying to stay calm when all around me is chaos. That's probably some sort of poetry. I don't know.

Anyway, here's some random musings ...

-Saw the new Harry Potter movie. It was great but "wackier" than I would have liked. I was expecting more dark and less romantic slapstick. But it was good. I like how I repeatedly heard from people that they cut stuff out but it's been so LONG since anybody has bothered to READ the Half Blood Prince that nobody cares what they cut out. I also saw The Ugly Truth. It was cute. It was a bit dirtier and raunchier that I expected but it was dirty and raunchy in a CHICK way. Like There's Something About Mary: The Vagina Version. Strange.

-In the movie The Ugly Truth, which is set in Sacramento, when the heroine said that Sacramento had a great school system, the whole theater laughed. What a sad state of affairs that suggests, huh?

-I'm supposed to travel to Spain at the end of the year to give a lecture at a film festival. They really want me there. They're willing to pay my airfare and give me a place to stay for a few days, a place to "crash" for a few days while my "fans" show me around. SPAIN of all places, if you can believe it. I spend so much time alone and suffering about my shortcomings that I sometimes forget that I'm somewhat famous. But we probably won't go. Even though it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, we can't even afford RENT let alone the $100 fees for passports. That hurts me inside. I really wanted to cross the pond for the first time, visit a foriegn land, expand my sheltered mind and be around people who think I'm important. That's something that is severely missing in my life.

-I'm bringing The Galindo Killing Spree back. The epic killing spree I went on, tearing a bloody hole thru the streets of L.A. four years ago is back with a vengance. I dusted off my old Gamecube long enough to appreciate the utter hideousness of True Crime: Streets of L.A. in a retro sense. Now, when I'm not watching old Monty Python episodes, I'm killing total strangers on Rose Avenue right by the beach. Hey, better than the real thing, right?

-Since I have no computer (can anyone out there have pitty on me and my poor dead computer???) I have put the Church-less Movie Of The Week on hiatus. And tomorrow I will be going to church. Why, you ask? Because I have nothing better to do.

-GAWD I'm so lame.

That's about it. I guess I'll see you later.

Wind Clan out.

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