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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Various Random Whatnots ...

-My oldest daughter and I had AMAZING seats at the pay-per-view! We were close, we could see all the action, and when my daughter spilled the $6.00 soda I bought with my remaining bucks I didn't get angry at all. The whole row behind us was filled with college-age rugby players from Ireland who flew all the way here JUST so that they could see the return of irish wrestler Finlay as he fought for the ECW championship. He lost in the first match. I felt bad for them

-In an effort to waste everyone's time with pointless crap, there's now laser which features pictures with lazer backgrounds. I guess I'm getting older because I only partially see the point in any of it. Fun, though.

-On today's fourth of july, I may bring back my recipe for GUMMY BURGERS ...


-I went to an allergist on tuesday. She started grilling me about my asthma and I was taken aback because I thought we were going to focus about how I haven't been able to really smell out of my nose for a few decades. She said that my nose and my asthma is massively connected and I can't fix one without the other. Now I have an 8-step routine every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed. It sucks and hurts and sometimes its gross and its making my throat scratchy. But I can breathe and I've only used my breathing machine once this week.

-Anyway, my health has deteriorated greatly since my move to California. Maybe a move to Arizona would help me with that. It would suck to start over again, but it might be a blessing in disguise.

-I keep having dreams about Arizona. I've had two about Flagstaff. In both I lived with my parents with Flagstaff. In the first one I kept getting lost driving around the city and in the second one I was looking for a job, dressed up all nice, but I was inside a K-Mart. Last night I was in Metrocenter looking around. It felt so good being there where I spent so much of my time. But my wife was angry and kept yelling at me. I'm worried that these dreams are telling me something.

-I have today off. It's the first time I've had the fourth off in a number of years. I don't know what to do with myself today. It's been so long, you know? We might go over to Jen's house and hang out. That means I'll have to make a conscience effort to spend time with her man Joe and not just fuck around with the kids and dogs for a few hours. But it might be worth it for the cookout.

-Here's a free episode of MST3K for your punk ass. This isn't a Church-less Movie of The Week. It's just a freebie. Enjoy ...

-I haven't had sex in a long LONG time. Frustrating all to fuck.

-I have an awesome double feature lined up tomorrow for the Church-less MOTW. I have an awesomely violent Asian movie for free for you to watch. And I have an old VSH copy of Stallone in Over The Top, America's best competitive arm wrestling movie. I haven't been able to find that one online for free anywhere so I'll show that one first and then leave the violent Asian crap for last. Kay?

-Here's some free music for you, too ...

Eagles of Death Metal: Heart On

Esquivel: Rhapsody in Blue

Grand Buffet: Overcoming

John Prine: Day Is Done

Luiz Bonfa: Amor Por Amor

Madvillain: Monkey Suit

Well, that's it. I'll see you all tomorrow ...

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