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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Life Headlines ...

Warrant Issued For My Arrest
They take fix-it tickets seriously in California. I spaced on the due date and the next thing I know I get a letter saying that they want to arrest me. We had a really scary half a day or so. Really frightening when you see there's a warrant out for your arrest. So now I have a court date tomorrow to hopefully clear all this up. But there's a small chance I might go to jail, so wish me luck.

Broken Computer Works With Rigging
Thanks to loyal friend and church follower Bunny, we managed to get the computer working. We've kept it on for a number of days. There's just one catch - to keep it working we occasionally need to stop using it, turn it upside down, and place the bottom of the laptop directly in front of a massive fan to cool it down. How stupid is that?

Male Turtle Lays Eggs
My wife's parents want to move to Oklahoma. They visited there for a few weeks and when they came back they had a wild turtle they found somewhere. They thought it was a boy. They called it Okie and said it was a boy. But when I found four eggs in the cage, I thought something was up. Now the kids are all excited about possible turtle babies. But one egg broke early on and another egg seems caved in. And now Okie has burrowed and doesn't seem to move at all. I'm worried that my kids will get their hearts broken.

New 'Virtual' School Opens
Emerald's school is great, Christian, and very expensive. We looked around for other options, so we found a homeschooling-slash-interactive online school that's absolutely free and by the books. It's called The California Virtual Academy and it's great. They sent us a free computer to use, as well as printer, complete with cables (we only have to buy our the printer cartridge replacement and paper), text books were sent to us brand new, we have Student Textbook as well as a matching Teacher’s Guide for each subject, so that the parent who will be staying home will have the proper guidance to get through the courses. They sent us all materials (free), including the art materials and science lab material and all that. It's half at home, half online, and there's a lot of field trips and activities and whatnot. We're all really excited over here.

The Passion Of The Poof Extended
We had three cats, two of them living and shitting in our bed. Then my allergist told me I was seriously allergic to cats, so my wife got rid of two of them and tried to sell the third cat, Poof. But while she tried graigslisting the cat, Poof decided to do the ONE THING she COULD do ... show me tremendous love and affection. Probably knowing her number was up, she started rubbing up on me, meowing at me to pet her, and finally after almost a whole year of DON'T TOUCH ME she became my own personal lap (and chest) cat. So I put my foot down and, remembering an episode of The Osbournes (archaic reference) I said "Don't get rid of Poof, I love her." Now she's our one cat. She did it. She knew the way to stay was to pull my strings.

Bookstore Finds Balance
Things are good at work. It used to be hideous. People were all over me before, nitpicking everything I did, being over critical and writing me up pretty much every three weeks. Now things are good, relaxed, calm. It's almost as if the highest higher ups are being forced to treat me nice. But if something's good then something else is bad, you know? Although people are treating me nicer at work the work LOAD itself is hideous! It's busy, it's packed, there's too much to do, people are calling in sick and there's not enough people working. It's hideous. It's just kicking my ass every single day, you know?

Spain Replaced By Fried Twinkies
I was going to go to Spain as a guest lecturer at a Film Festival, all expenses paid. But I never got my passport because I can't afford the $200 because I'm broke off my ass. I've been dreaming of Spain for months. I should have known not to get my hopes up. Now I feel saddened and crushed because nothing big ever happens to me anymore. Sigh. But I DO feel SLIGHTLY better about it due to the fact that the California State Fair opens up in about two weeks and I got me some SEASON PASSES! Yay! The bad rides and county exhibits and hideous people watching will take away the pain of not going to Spain. I hope.

There's more. But I'll leave it at that. For now.

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Thanks for the mention. It's always nice to see.

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