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Monday, August 17, 2009

Mallrats And Broken Fingers ...



So yesterday I walked my wife and kids to the car to see them off to church. Right before they drove off my wife told me to go get an allergy pill for her. I ran and got one but apparently we have a FEW different allergy pills and I got the wrong ones. So I ran again, this time running as fast as I could and as I ran up the stairs I slammed my right hand as hard as I could into the wooden railing. There was an amazingly loud CRUNCH and I fell to the floor screaming in absolute pain. That sound, the CRUNCH, it was like fifty knuckles popping simultaneously. It was nasty. It was like white hot fiery pain.

Now it's a day later and I can barely move my middle and pointer fingers on my right hand. I can't really use my right hand for much. No squeezing, definitely. Fuck, I can barely type or use the mouse. I think I might have broken something although my wife says I just sprained or fractured something.

So now I'm watching Dr. Horrible with my kids while popping pain pills for my hand and watching-slash-loading up a few Ed Wood episodes of MST3K. I might pass out from the pain pill I just took. I'm a weakling when it comes to medication, so I might have an unexpected nap in an hour or so. We'll see.

I saw a band play at The Boardwalk about seven years ago on a semi-date I was on with a co-worker. Bad date but great show. Bought their cd. I listened the HELL out of that cd. Their sound blew me away, like a punked out Buddy Holly on coke. Amazing stuff. Years later I wondered what happened to them and figured they had broken up. But asking around town, I couldn't even find a single person who remembered them at all. And that's a shame because they were absolutely amazing. And thanks to some thorough investigating on my part, I can now tell you all about who they were and why they were so great ...

Before joining The Mr. T Experience, guitarist Ted Angel fronted a hook laden power-pop trio called the Mallrats. They were sharp dressed punk rockers whose sound was a loud cross between hard rock, surf rock, Elvis Costello and heavily caffeinated Buddy Holly. They were one of the greatest bands Sacramento has ever seen. Sadly, they officially released only one album and two Christmas songs for a local comp, as well as two sets of demos that are rather hard to find. Nevertheless the band left a lasting impression on me and anyone else lucky enough to have heard of them. Their debut album "Fall in Love All Over Again with..." is one of the best power pop albums ever. They were a prime example of the lighter side of punk but without giving in to pop sensibilities.

Here you go. Free music for your punk ass. You're welcome ...

The Mallrats: Coming Back To California

A Girl Like You

All For You

Baby, Take Me Back

If You Were Mine

Oh, I Need You So

Baby, Please Come Home (Demo)

Things Have Gone And Changed (Demo)

Anyway, that's that. I'm going to make some sort of lunch for these girls. Either that or pass out. I'm not sure which.

Wind clan out.

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