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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pics, Videos and Thoughts ...

-How cute are those freaking pictures?

-I work at a [edited]. In Sacramento. And that's in CALIFORNIA. And a woman called a few days ago wondering if we had ON OUR SHELVES the book "Italians of Greater Cincinnati." What an absolutely ASTOUNDING question.

-Right now I'm watching Godzilla VS Megalon and tweeting AND posting on my blog while both my daughters play pokemon games on their DS's. Incredible. I feel TOO plugged in sometimes. But this is what we do when we have no $$$ to do anything else. And this is a truly HORRIBLE Godzilla movie. Gigan is pretty bad ass, though. Him and Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster are probably the most bad ass of all the kaij┼ź.

-Now we're all watching The Muppet Show. It's on one with special guest Petula Clark. How outdated is this? Crazy. Still, it's good to keep the kids watching cool retro crap. We went to see Ponyo on monday. It was the ABSOLUTE BEST! The girls loved it! It was GREAT!

-Here's a semi-sad, somewhat embarrassing story. Whenever sundays roll around I like to get the ads in the sunday paper, usually Target and Best Buy and a few others. Then I look at them and pretend either A) I'm rich and I can buy whatever I want, or B) that I won some special contest where I can pick one item for every one page of the advert and get it for free. It's an elaborate dream I have in my head. I've been doing it for decades and I've never told anyone. It makes me pretty depressed sometimes. Reminds me just how broke I am.

-There will be a brand new episode of The Root Beer Show up in a few days. And a new HOST! (Sort of)

-My [edited] life? Absolutely exhausting. My home life? Hot, nasty marital sex. Lots of it. It's been awesome.

-I have a brother-in-law in jail right now. I'm thinking that maybe he can room with my cousin, the one who shot the cop. That's in bad taste. That's what I'm all about.

-This is post #1,150 on this blog. That's a lot. It's an amazing testament to how lonely and crazy a man I am. Yay loneliness!

-And speaking of bad taste, would it be in bad taste to make a Keyboard Cat video for 9-11? Well, I KNOW it's in bad taste, but should I do it anyway? For some reason I feel it NEEDS to be done and I may be the one to do it. Does that make me sick?

-Thanks to loyal friend and Church of Ed Wood follower Bunny, my wife and I WILL be in attendance to watch the cast of Mystery Science Theater 3,000 (now called Rifftrax) riffing on Ed Wood's magnum opus "Plan 9 from Outer Space" live! They will be live-riffing Plan 9 from Nashville's Belcourt Theater. The event will be broadcast to theaters all over the country and tickets are available online. I couldn't afford to go but due to the generosity of my hombre Bunny I WILL be there. I'm so excited!

... and then the day AFTER Plan 9 is when the STATE FAIR starts! How awesome of a week is that going to be?

-I'm still upset about not going to Spain this year. I never travel. I wish to WOOD that I could travel, get out, go to Spain or Vegas or DISNEYLAND!!! Bela's never been there. She's almost four. Now's the time to go. It's the perfect time! But everything costs money. Everything. It hurts me deep inside, seeing people at work all day buying things and wasting money while I can barely buy a can of soda. It hurts. I guess I've got the economic crisis blues.

-For my Church-less Movie of the Week I'm thinking either The Atomic Cafe or Beach Blanket Bingo. Or maybe both. But I have such a hard TIME watching the second movie. I'm always tired and falling asleep. so I might just watch one and then say screw it, you know?

-This song has been stuck in my head for about two weeks now ...

Well, that about it, I guess.

Wind Clan out.

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Anonymous said...

Atomic Cafe is a strangely scary and great movie. I give it a thumbs up.

- Bunny