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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Steve's Church-Less Movie Of The Week ...

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"The Atomic Cafe is an acclaimed documentary film about the beginnings of the era of nuclear warfare, created from a broad range of archival film from the 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s - including newsreel clips, television news footage, U.S. government-produced films (including military training films), advertisements, television and radio programs. News footage reflected the prevailing understandings of the media and public.

The idea for this unique and innovative documentary began in a San Francisco bookstore in 1976 when one of the film's co-producers (Pierce Rafferty) found a thick catalogue of U.S. government films. That same day Rafferty envisioned a project that would utilize some of these titles to create a satirical documentary on the subject of American propaganda. The concept of crafting a visual montage out of long forgotten government training movies took six years and $300,000 to finally be realized on the screen in 1982. Along the way Rafferty enlisted his brother, Kevin, and shortly thereafter, New York film teacher Jayne Loader to join him in making the film.

The film was produced over a five-year period through the collaborative efforts of three directors: Jayne Loader, and brothers Kevin and Pierce Rafferty. For this film, the Rafferty brothers and Loader formed the production company 'Archives Project Inc.' The filmmakers opted to not use narration, and instead they deployed carefully constructed sequences of film clips to make their points. The soundtrack utilizes atomic-themed songs from the Cold War era to underscore the themes of the film. Though the topic of atomic holocaust is a grave matter, the film approaches it with black humor. Much of the humor derives from the modern audience's reaction to the old training films, such as the Duck and Cover film shown in schools.

The Atomic Cafe is ultimately a post-modern masterpiece that is different from any documentary that came before it or has been released since. One of the reasons the film is such an artistic success is because the filmmakers were daring enough to eschew narration and rely solely on their source footage. This footage - edited for maximum irony and backed by a phenomenal soundtrack - evolved into a completely fresh and original work. And with the Reagan administration's re-energized arms race in full swing (with complimentary plans for "continuity of government"), the film achieved currency with its wicked satire of Truman/Eisenhower era designs for winning World War III."

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Reverend Steve said...

I tried three different versions of this film before finding the best quality one to show today. This youtube version is crystal clear.

Love it when the redneck army guy says "NAGGIE-SACKIE"

Reverend Steve said...

LOVE the animation!

Reverend Steve said...

The Rosenbergs: Jewish Punk Rock Band

Reverend Steve said...

God, what happened to our patriotism? And are we any better off without it?

Reverend Steve said...

Fuck this atom bomb shit - when's Godzilla coming out?