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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Steve's Church-Less Movie Of The Week ...

Yoinked from wikipedia with help from ...

"The Wasp Woman (Also known by the title The Bee Girl and Insect Woman) is a science fiction movie directed by Roger Corman which was completed in 1959 (though most audiences didn't see the film till the official release on February 12, 1960). To pad out the running time when the film was released to television two years later, a new prologue was added by director Jack Hill.

The film centers around the founder and owner of a large cosmetics company, Janice Starlin (Susan Cabot), who is disturbed when her firm's sales begin to drop after it becomes apparent to her customer base that she is aging. Scientist Eric Zinthrop (Michael Mark) has been able to extract enzymes from the royal jelly of the queen wasp that can reverse the aging process. Starlin agrees to fund further research, at great cost, provided she can serve as his human subject. Displeased with the slowness of the results she breaks into the scientist's laboratory after hours and injects herself with extra doses of the formula.

Director Corman was clearly influenced by Kurt Neumann's 1958 film The Fly. The Wasp Woman has the head and hands of a wasp but the body of a woman—exactly the opposite of the creature shown in the film's poster. In Jack Hill's prologue, we see a slightly mad Dr. Zinthrop fired from his job at a honey farm for experimenting with wasps. Much of Fred Katz soundtrack was recycled for Corman's later film The Little Shop of Horrors.

This movie also features the acting talents of Barboura Morris, also known as 'The girl with the lovely smile' and most well known for co-starring with Dick Miller in Roger Corman's cult classic A Bucket of Blood. was born in L.A., and went on to appear in many low-budget movies. She graduated from UCLA. Barboura started her acting career at the Stumptown stock company, where her acting coach was Jeff Corey, and Roger Corman was a classmate. Corman gave Barboura a leading role in Sorority Girl (1957), and more AIP pictures followed; she was cast in varied roles such as an unrequited love interest, a caring secretary, and a warrior woman. In addition to movies, Barboura did some television work. Barboura died in Santa Monica, one day after her 43rd birthday.

Steve Galindo has been in love with her since junior high when he first saw and fell in love with the movie A Bucket of Blood.

Cinema Insomnia, with your host Mr. Lobo is an innovative, edgy late night horror movie program that is delivered to independent stations via various outlets and is quickly growing in cult popularity. The current distributor of the show, Apprehensive Films, recently made a deal with AMGTV North America to immediately cover all full-time affiliates. Episodes are available weekly to roughly 75 stations as well as hundreds of cable systems and networks served by the network, with a potential Clearance of 35 Million Households and six out of the Top 10 Markets.

However if you are not one of the homes equipped with Cinema Insomnia broadcasting, now you can watch Cinema Insomnia live on KCTU Digital TV every Saturday night at 9pm PST via this handy link!

Mr. Lobo, the host, is among the most well known and active horror hosts of the 2000's. The television presenter also makes numerous live appearances at conventions like Wondercon in SF and Screamfest in Florida. He also takes part in live film shows at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento, the Parkway Theater in Oakland and others. Mr. Lobo always appears on screen in a suit and tie and is often accompanied by Miss Mittens, a houseplant with which he often has one-sided conversations.

Unlike the various hosts and robots of Mystery Science Theater 3000 Mr. Lobo does not appear while the movie is playing; instead he appears in brief viginettes in between segments of the movie. Also appearing are items such as fake commercials (such as one for Rad Abrams - Skateboard Attorney), old movie trailers, classic commercials and footage and interviews shot at science fiction conventions and film festivals in the Northern California area (the show is produced in Sacramento). It is THESE amazing clips and bits that really make Cinema Insomnia stand out from other programs.

A number of episodes of Cinema Insomnia feature the amazing, award winning acting talents of the legendary cult leader Reverend Steve Galindo, a loveable and handsome children's entertainer and father of two AND the rebellious founder of the world's first Ed Wood-based religion. In the 'Bucket Of Blood' episode he plays a beatnik who gets angry with Mr. Lobo. In the 'Starcrash' episode he actually plays himself, appearing as a hologram to Mr. Lobo during the show. Steve LOVES Cinema Insomnia and wishes to appear in MORE episodes in the future, perhaps an episode where Lobo gets the bird flu, leaving Steve to try (and fail miserably) and host the show in his absence, intercut with scenes of Lobo at home trying to get better. Wouldn't that be absolutely hilarious?"

Steve's Snacks Of The Week ...



Teddy's Root Beer

Cheddar & Bacon Potato Skin Chips

A Few Leftover Cookie Crisps

That's It, Although I'm Re-e-e-eally Eyeing That Can Of Smoked Hickory Spam On The Counter

... AND NOW, Steve and this blog are both PROUD to once again present today's Church-less Movie of the Weel in its entirety FOR FREE courtesy of the good and forgiving people over at Cinema Insomnia - go there, check it out, buy a few hundred dvds and then watch your life change for the better!

Please, though, a few rules first. There's absolutely no talking in Steve's Theater and talkers WILL be shot. No cell phones or African-American berries in the theater. And be sure to dim your headlights (where applicable).

Oh, and remember ...

Oh my GAWD! Was that video was CRAZY old school or WHAT?!?

Anyways, might make it a double feature, might not. Stay tuned. And enjoy the show y'all!

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