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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Various Random Whatnots ...

-My youngest does NOT have chicken pimples OR the mumps. she had an allergic reaction to some Walmart meds we gave her for a small fever. Lame ass.

-I have posted a new little blurb of a post on my other blog, Esteban Galindo's Stupid Blog. It's about my parents and an ex-girlfriend of mine.

-Woodmas is only a few days away and I'm very excited. But I'm not excited about the NINE DAYS I have to work, nine days IN A ROW, to get my Woodmas time off. It's a work marathon for my love of Wood and it is absolutely lame.

-It's almost October and finally it feels like fall. Dark, windy, cold, and above all the feeling that things are going to get moodier and bleaker all up in here. Is bleaker a word? I think it is. Well, I for one welcome the arrival of fall. I dress better in cold weather, I believe.

-I thought my fractured finger was supposed to get BETTER!

-My banner up there, the one with The Brain That Wouldn't Die poster artwork, HOW FUCKING AWESOME IS THAT? I just like to stare at it and marvel in my apparent photoshop awesomeness.

-I don't think I cut myself anymore, that is to say I'm fairly certain I'm done with all that. And i don't really think about killing myself ever. But a suicide ATTEMPT? Oh, man, that would be AWESOME! I dream, fantasize, about a big, major suicide attempt. I dream about coming to at the hospital and people standing around my bed crying, wondering why I did it, vowing to treat me better from now on. I dream about a big ass card from work signed by all these people I work with and hardly know, maybe something smart ass-ish written by Nick. My wife holding my hand. That's a DREAM to me, everyone coming together around me and feeling bad they neglected me. I don't think I'm getting too neglected right now, but the love and respect I would get from a suicide attempt just makes me want to slice my wrist right now in anticipation. I don't want to DIE. No, fuck that! No, I just want to fuckin' ATTEMPT it to that everyone I know gets all weepy eyed and shit. Is that bad? Yeah. I know it is.

Well, on that sad note I'm off now to start my pre-Woodmas work marathon.

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