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Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Darling Isabela ...

My four year old daughter Isabela had her first sleepover at a house that wasn't her grandma's house next door. She spent the night at our friend Jen's house and, according to our check up phone call right before bed, she was on her absolute best behavior.

I should be really proud and happy. And I am. And yet inside I was praying for a phone call, saying she was crying and missed me and wants me to drive over there and pick her up.

Times like these makes me realize I have some serious heartache waiting for me in the next twenty years. I thought getting married meant that I was done with heartbreak. Turns out it means having your heart broken in new and interesting ways. These two daughters of mine are going to hurt me in so many painfully beautiful ways.

I love them so much. The last thing I ever want to do is let go of them. But every day I get older I feel my grip loosening and there's nothing I can do about it.

Today I work from 715 to 330. But the way I see it ... I work from 715 to 115 which will be my last break. Then from 130 to 2 I get ready for storytime. Then 2 to 3 is my awesome crazy cult of stories. Then 3 to 330 is schmoozing the kids and cleaning up. So really today is my 6 hour day, nothing I can't handle.

Then when I get off work I get to pick up my Bela!

Here's a happy ass song to get you thru the day ...

The Drums: Let's Go Surfing

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