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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Post #1,201: Happy Woodmas Eve's Eve ...

It's almost lunchtime. Natasha is teaching Emerald AND Deinna simultaneously and it's hard work. Emerald is in third grade and Dee is in sixth grade. Having the both of them trying to do their school work at the same time is pretty hectic. Plus you have the wild card that is Isabela, the four year old terror. Maybe I shouldn't have given her coffee ...

Isabela wants to write on my blog now, so here's Isabela.

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That's amazing. Thanks, Bela. I never knew that about Michael Douglas.

We're cooking ramen for lunch. The lunch of champions, poor ass champions. I set up a playlist of songs to play for the kids. I set it up on my blogs pop-up playlist. But a song by The Avett brothers came on and Natasha said that if music is going to play while they are working, then there can't be music with WORDS playing. I think that's crap. Music with words is fine. Mellow Zeppelin is a million times better than any jazz crap.

I'm psyched about my concert tonight. Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul and Mary is playing at MY work and in MY department! How amazing is that? Not too many people can say that, huh? I can't wait! And then I get to go home, rest, relax, get some anal and then celebrate Woodmas with my family this saturday.

It's times like these, my daughters working in school and drinking coffee, my wife cooking and teaching, some nice mellow Vince Guaraldi music playing in the background, and my work being ten times awesome, it's times like these that make me realize how wonderful (
if you don't pay attention to my money problems) my life really is.

Happy Woodmas Eve's Eve, everybody!

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