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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Steve's Church-Less Movie Of The Week, Part 1 ...

Two movies today, a very hard to find Ed Wood film and a classic piece of sci-fi trash. One isn't available for free, the other one is. Sorry. Now lets get started ...

Yoinked from wikipedia and then bred with ...

"I Woke Up Early The Day I Died is a 1998 camp comedy film written by Edward D. Wood, Jr.. The film, directed by Aris Iliopulos, stars Billy Zane, Ron Perlman, John Ritter and Christina Ricci, among others.

The movie, produced two decades after Edward D. Wood Jr.'s death, was aimed at being a tribute to him. Wood was awarded a posthumous Golden Turkey Award for being The Worst Director Of All Time, and has since gained a cult following. The producers of this film used many techniques that Wood himself would use, such as including stock footage to save filming expenses. The cast was made up of a huge list of actors, including several who were previously associated with Wood's films.

The movie played to rave reviews throughout Europe. However, the film played a few dates in New York City before the film company went bankrupt and the film disappeared into the ether. It is now owned on german videocassettes by only a few hardcore collectors.

The script has no dialogue (it was written as a silent film), and so this homage to Wood never truly finds a way to evoke his fractured hard-boiled syntax, his inimitable idiocy. Billy Zane, as a madman, escapes a sanitarium and falls into a series of cloddish adventures that are too cockamamie-surreal to be innocently bad. They're just... bad. As in BAD bad. Occasional bits of unmatched stock footage revive a favorite Wood device, but 'I Woke Up Early' makes you want to go back and see the real (awful) thing.

Note, this is only a partial listing of the many cast members in this movie: Billy Zane as The Thief, Sandra Bernhard as Sandy Sands, Leif Garrett as Cruiser Cop #4, Dana Gould as Carnival Barker, Tippi Hedren as Maylinda Austed, Eartha Kitt as Herself (her name appeared in a marquee in Plan 9 From Outer Space), Maila Nurmi (Vampira) as Woman in Hotel Lobby, Will Patton as Preacher, Ron Perlman as Cemetery Caretaker, Tara Reid as Prom Queen / Nightclub Bartender, Christina Ricci as Teenage Hooker, John Ritter as Robert Forrest, Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Boy at Beach, Steven Weber as Policeman in Alley and Kathy Wood as Woman at Carnival."

Steve's Snacks Of The Week:



Gummy Bears

T.G.I.Friday's Potato Skins Snack Chips

Teddy's Root Beer

Internet Porn

Sorry this movie isn't for free. It took me years just to find it on a crappy video bootleg.

I'll make it up to you later today. I promise.

Before I leave you, here's a pretty cool video for the insanely wicked theme song for I Woke Up Early The Day I Died ...

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