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Friday, November 13, 2009

Franken-week: Day 5 ...

Yoinked from wikipedia, allmovie and ...

"Frankenstein's Daughter (1958) was the third of four drive-in classics crafted by producer Marc Frederic and director Richard E. Cunha in their late-'50s moviemaking heyday. In it, the original Doctor Frankenstein's grandson repeats his grandfather's grisly experiments. Working with a $65,000 budget, a six-day shooting schedule and a crackpot script, director Richard Cunha delivered an unapologetic B-movie that is perfectly entertaining. It was the last of four ultra-low budget monster movies punched out by Cunha in 1958, which have since earned him cult director status. He made two more pictures and moved on to television as a director of photography.

Here, the original Dr. Frankenstein's grandson, Oliver Frankenstein (Donald Murphy), now living in Los Angeles, creates a female version of the Monster from sweet teenage girl, Trudy (Sandra Knight) who then goes on a killing rampage. This thriller, with poor production values and bad sets, has some intentional humor, but little real horror. Also released as She Monster of the Night, Frankenstein's Daughter was featured in It Came from Hollywood, an amusing and loving tribute to horror films and their makers. Also, lovers of trivia should note that Sandra Knight, who plays Trudy, would later become the wife of actor Jack Nicholson.

Frankenstein’s Daughter, classic drive-in and fleapit fare, was quickly turned over to TV for late-night showings, where a generation of kids was treated to its bizarre monster and its cheap shocks. Frankenstein’s Daughter is a very rough gem and it makes for a fine guilty pleasure. If Plan 9 from Outer Space is Ed Wood's most memorable achievement, then Frankenstein's Daughter is surely Cunha's most lasting genre contribution. In fact, it is superior to most of the horror films released in the mid-to-late 1950s. Unlike Hammer's contemporaneous Frankenstein product, Frankenstein's Daughter gives us two evil looking monsters and the kind of grimy, edgy nastiness that dominated She Demons.

The full monster make-up was actually being worn by a man, Harry Wilson. Because of this, makeup creator Harry Thomas did not realize that the creature was supposed to be female. All he could do at the last minute was apply lipstick to the creature. Director Richard E. Cunha recently recalled that, upon seeing the make-up for the title creature just before filming, he was so disappointed he left the set and broke down in tears. That's the sign of a good movie."

Searching the web, I found a surprisingly large amount of positive reviews for this movie. They were all along the lines of "Yeah it's bad but it's also pretty good, too."

Pretty surprising, actually.

Enjoy the show, y'all!

Have fun with today's female Frankenstein. Girl power, women's lib and all that.

And if you thought that THIS movie was bad, then just wait until TOMORROW ...

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