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Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Life In Sentences ...

-My wife is back home and things are good.

-It is absolutely silly for a bookstore to make its employees open the store at 7am, especially when the store has no real sales.

-Jason Mewes, Jay from Clerks, is coming to town in a few weeks for the winter Sacramento Comicon and this time I'm serious when I say I want to go and bring Emerald with me.

-Thanksgiving means one thing - watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with the kids.

-There are literally a million things I don't have the guts to write about here.

-I've been having a bad problem taking my meds at the right time and that's led me to really go nucking futs lately and want to do bad things to myself and it's starting to frighten me.

-My wife and I are as happy as a bipolar man and a woman in her profession can be.

-It used to be that the term "black friday" was used by workers, by employees, by people who worked in retail for a living but NOW it's used by soccer moms and major corporations in ads and used in the nightly news during bullshit puff pieces and it's NOT FUCKING FAIR because they didn't EARN the RIGHt to use the term black friday.

-My youngest daughter loves being nude and it's starting to frighten me.

-We might be looking at some seriously angry drama at my thanksgiving dinner.

-In a few months there's also going to be an Indie Comic Convention in Sacramento and Jeffrey Brown is going to be there, Jeffrey Brown being the creator of one of the coolest graphic novels ever - The Incredible Change-Bots, and I'm hoping that if I go and I ask him nicely that I can still become a member of the Incredible Change-Bots Fan Club that he advertises in the back of the comic.

-Sex + Saran Wrap = Wicked Hot.

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