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Monday, November 2, 2009

Various Random Whatnots ...

-That was one of my retarded kittens. I have two kittens. Their father was their mother's older brother. They're crazy and slightly stupid. We need to get rid of them but dammit they're so darn cute.

-How about that amazingly lengthy movie review that my wife wrote, huh? Amazing. My first real special guest blogger. I think that may very well set a world record for the most words anyone has ever written about that stupid movie. But my wife loves the movie now, so I really can't really badmouth it.

-I'm trying to watch the Saw films. I don't do horror movies. I'm a weakling, a pussy, and the gore and violence just freaks me out too much. I'm already paranoid and prone to panic attacks WITHOUT watching torture porn horror flick, right? But I'm quite intrigued with the mythology behind the Saw films, the backstories and the plot twists and the plotlines and how each film relates to each other. I think I know enough about the behind the scenes aspects of it that I can watch it without flipping out too much. However, it has taken me about 24 hours so far just to get thru the first hour of the first Saw film. So this might take a while.

Here's the movie for free ...

... the quality is crap but there you go. Enjoy.

-Tomorrow afternoon I have a meeting with the district and regional manager of my company (which will remain nameless because apparently people have been spying on my internet actions and complaining). I'm not sure what I'm going to say, let alone if it's possible for me to say it without crying.

-STILL trying not to cut myself. It's an uphill job.

-I'm currently in talks with a Norwegian college student who is doing his masters thesis on my web site religion, the Church of Ed Wood. I feel so important. Too bad it's not a tangible sense of importance.

-Almost done with Saw. Tough to watch it around the kids, you know? But Imma hop right on to Saw II once I'm thru with this bad boy.

See you later, everybody.

Wind Clan out.

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