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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Steve's Church-Less Movie Of The Week, Part 2 ...

UPDATE: Movie Problems Fixed!

You saw the preview for this during today's intermission! And now Steve makes the actual film melt onto your lap!

Enjoy ...

Yoinked from wikipedia and IMDB ...

"The Incredible Melting Man is a 1977 science fiction horror film written and directed by William Sachs. It is a fantastically gross, trashy and energetic Z-grade production that every self-respecting camp-horror freak simply has to see for himself. The film was lampooned on the popular television show Mystery Science Theater 3000. It is notable for its graphic depictions of bloody gore, courtesy of special makeup effects legend Rick Baker.

Astronaut Steve West is the only survivor of a mission to Saturn, returning to Earth after being exposed to an unknown form of radiation. While being kept under observation in a hospital, his health rapidly degenerates, and his flesh begins to literally melt off his body. Growing increasingly insane, he escapes the hospital and discovers that the only way to slow the progress of his condition is to consume the flesh of other human beings which oddly increases his strength as well.

To achieve the gruesome Melting Man monster, makeup effects artist Rick Baker fashioned a slightly over sized skull-shaped helmet for actor Alex Rebar to wear. The piece was painted flesh tone and then was cover by a gooey concoction of syrup and paint. The drippy substance would have to be re-applied for every take of the Melting Man. At the end of each shoot Rebar would have so much of the sticky stuff on him that he would literally have to peel his costume off.

The German title of this film is 'Der Planet Saturn Lept Schon Grupen.' Assistant director Don Walters cameos in the film as the photographer that stumbles upon the fisherman's corpse. The films budget was so low that the production couldn't afford stock footage of Saturn for its opening scene. Instead public domain stock footage of the sun and a moon satellite was used for the scene where Scorpio V orbits Saturn.

The film features an especially downbeat coda, in which his friend, Dr. Ted Nelson, is killed for seemingly no reason whatsoever by two random security guards. Don't cry, though. The Melting Man avenges him. Go, Melting Man, go!"

Today's feature is the edited MST3K version. Instead of previous MST3K films we've shown here, today's feature will NOT be shown in nine separate annoying links. Today they will ALL be showed together via an exciting youtube playlist.

However, it should be noted that commercials, a home video and a music may pop up in-between today's film. It's like commercials, only a bajillion times more awesome-ier.

Enjoy the show, y'all ...


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