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Friday, January 1, 2010

The Galindo Family Visits Arizona ...

My Grandfather in the 1940s ...

My grandfather using Skype in 2009 ...

I am proud to say that my wife's work trip was a success and next week my wife, my kids and I will all be at Douglas, Arizona for the funeral of my grandfather. We will be renting a car and leaving Thursday morning from Sacramento. I am pretty damn excited, as excited as you can be for a funeral.

The drive takes 9 to 10 hours of non-stop driving to get there NOT INCLUDING the sudden stops necessary when driving with 2 or 3 children. So that means we will probably have to forgo stopping at my parents house and head straight to Douglas. Oh well, we'll have all day sunday to shoot the shit with my mom and dad.

We have a car all reserved and paid for but no hotel room yet. My brother suggested that we all sleep on the floor, Douglas style, just like all the times we would sleep over when we were kids. I mean, we're all hurting for money. It's right after Christmas, so this couldn't have come at a worse time. So we might have to Douglas style it at Tata's house when we're there. The only part of Douglas-ing it that frightens me is trying to put my kids asleep in the general vicinity of seventy drunken mexcans.

Natasha's cousin Alicia, the funny one with the big sexy ass, may be joining us. I'm a bit embarrassed to have her meet my family. And I'm also a bit ashamed to say that I'm a bit embarrassed to have her meet my family. But Alicia would be a really good buffer zone and I'll be glad for that.

Jim Johnston: Get On Your Knees

Anyway, wish us luck on our trip.

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