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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Galindo Family's Triumphant Return ...

I thought that we had a really crappy car. But apparently our really crappy car can make it from Sacramento to Los Angeles to Phoenix to Tucson and to Mexico AND THEN make it all the way back.

What I'm trying to say is that I LOVE MY AWESOME CAR!!!


-At the last funeral I went to, which was sadly recently, my parents said that it was a small family funeral. This was a lie. My parents just didn't want my mixed race family at the funeral. Now here we are at a second family funeral and my parents tried their hardest to discourage my whole family from coming. But fuck my family. We were ALL there for my grandfather's funeral.
-Doing the "Peace be with you DON'T LET GO" with my brother at the funeral.
-Seeing my wife's cousin Alicia was good. Alicia's mom doesn't like me but I don't care because I like her dogs.
-The girls falling in love with the old school doorless elevator ...

-My cousin Ernie told me that his sister Melissa had one of her professors talk about my religion in one of her college classes.
-Me: "Oh, that's just the smell of Douglas, Emerald, you'll get used to it."
-My wife will Mario Kart thru three lanes of freeway traffic just to get to a McDonalds that sells a McRib.
-We stopped in Bisbee and saw the big mine pit, stopped in Tombstone and saw gunfights, stopped in Quartzite and saw dusty old people and we stopped and saw Dimey the Dinosaur. Plus we stopped at a shitton of truck stops. It was nice to have a family that actually stops once and a while instead of being all hardcore fatherly about "making good time" and shit ...

-Spending some alone time on "the porch."
-Buying a spanish-language version of The Princess and the Frog in spanish KNOWING it's going to be shit but buying it anyway just for the experience of the thing.
-Rocking out on the road, Galindo style ...

-The strangeness of the Douglas Dollar Tree, the Douglas Gamestop, the Douglas Walmart, and the Douglas alternate universe McDonald's where my wife is the MINORITY!
-Fresno/Merced's 103.7FM is THE SHIT!
-It was so cold in Douglas at night that my brother's hotel door actually FROZE SHUT! And add to that the inadequate heating in our old hotel and you get a freezing Galindo family.
-Driving from Douglas to Sacramento, we stopped in Palm Springs to get a better look at the strange energy fans that always freak me out. We walked behind a fast food place and started rock climbling a little bit and suddenly we were face to face with some strange, random horse ...

-Being there for my wife's first trip outside the United States.
-Saying good bye to my grandfather, the old man from the Rio Grande.


Anyway, here are a few random pictures of our adventures. I didn't take a lot because our camera sucks ass and it was a pretty depressing time for me. But here is a sample of what pictures I did take ...

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