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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Steve's Church-Less Movie Of The Week: Double Feature ...

Steve Galindo is proud to present a double feature
The Crawling Hand and The Monster That Challenged The World

Yoinked from wikipedia,, monster hunter, and my own vast bad movie knowledge ...

"The Crawling Hand is a 1963 science fiction film directed by Herbert L. Strock, and starring Rod Lauren, Peter Breck, Allison Hayes, and Alan "It'm THE SKIPPER, bitch!" Hale. The plot, if it CAN be called that, revolves around the hand of a dead astronaut which is possessed by an alien and begins killing people in a small town.

The film also went by the names The Creeping Hand, Don't Cry Wolf, and Tomorrow You Die. And, in my head, it went by the name Shit Sandwitch.

Here's an interesting bit of trivia: Syd Taylor, who sometimes went by Syd Saylor, the guy who plays the malt shop owner in today's film, appeared in 318 movies between 1926 and 1963, most notably in a number of Abbot and Costello films. Can you believe that? 318 movies? Who is he, Ron Howard's brother? The Crawling Hand, sadly, was his last film. He died of a heart attack on December 21, 1962 in Hollywood. Also, Burt Reynolds screen-tested twice for the role as teen character Paul Lawrence but reportedly performed so woodenly that he was not chosen. HA! That's funny.

Here's another interesting bit of trivia and a very interesting Ed Wood connection to the film: The Utter-McKinley-Strother Mortuary where Curran and Weitzberg view the body of Mrs. Hotchkiss is the mortuary where the funeral of Bela Lugosi was held in 1956. Wow, that's a holy place in Woodism. Amazing."

I hope you really liked our first feature.

You know, now would be a really good time to use the "facilities" if you know what I mean.

Are you ready for our second feature?

Enjoy ...

"The Monster That Challenged the World (1957) is a science-fiction, monster movie, about an army of giant mollusks that emerge from the Salton Sea, California. Directed by Arnold Laven, the film starred Tim Holt and Audrey Dalton. It was produced by Gramercy Pictures (not related to the former PolyGram division) and released by United Artists. The film was inspired by the true story of prehistoric brine shrimp eggs that were reconstituted after several million years.

Atomic bugs and atomic dinosaurs were pretty much a dime a dozen during the 1950’s, but every once in a while, somebody would come up with something to irradiate into a monster that hadn’t been tried before. Richard Matheson had his Incredible Shrinking Man, Roger Corman had his Crab Monsters, and Ray Kellogg had his Killer Shrews. But the prize for originality might have to go to the folks over at United Artists, who gave us, in the form of The Monster that Challenged the World, what appears to be the world’s only atomic snail flick.

The original title for the film was The Jagged Edge. Not sure WHY they wanted to call it that. The Monster That Challenged The World sounds so much more exciting, doesn't it? The jagged Edge, what is this, a Golden Globe winning drama? Gimmie a break! The bulk of the underwater scenes were shot off the coast of Los Angeles, at California Island while the close-ups were filmed later in a tank filled with water and plastic seaweed. Ha! Also, some of the film's music was later reused in the English version of King Kong vs Godzilla, one of my favorites.

Things start off with a narrator getting us up to speed about the big earthquake that rocked the Salton Sea. Now if there’s one thing I’ve learned from all the monster movies I’ve watched over the years, it’s that atomic power and earthquakes are a bad mix. He also gives us a little tour of the naval base as well. Of course nowadays, thanks to commies in the government, vital bases such as the Salton Sea Test Bed have been shut down, leaving this country vulnerable to even MORE giant snail attacks. Freedom isn't free, hippies! If you've ever seen Godzilla then you know what happens when some big stinky monster has his sleep disturbed. Up and at'em, big fella!"

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... and now, the conclusion of The Monster That Challenged The World, brought to you by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and by N.A.M.B.L.A.

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