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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Percy Jacksonlessness And Free Music ...

This is a picture of Isabela. We were at Target checking out watches and while we were doing that she went to the corner and loaded up on jewelry. The thing on her eye is a headband, not a pirate eye patch. How cute as hell is that?

I got free tickets for a preview tonight of the new Percy Jackson/Lightning Thief movie. I really wanted to go because I read the first book and loved it, plus I work at a bookstore and in the kids section, so I really wanted to go and see it.

But I really got the tickets so that my wife and I could go together but I guess the two of us are having a rough time and, well, long story short, she can't go to the movie. Lame. I was hoping that waiting in line for three and a half hours would help us and get some conversations going between the two of us.

So then I decided that I was going to go by myself. But I'm feeling too lazy and being in line for three hours alone would just depress me, you know? Then I thought maybe I could call up a friend (I totally have friends now... cool, huh?) but i don't want to bother anyone with my depression.

so I'm just staying home tonight. Take a hot shower later, watch my thursday night comedy night on NBC, sit in silence with my significant other who hates my guts, pop in some bad grindhouse movie, take some pills, drink some root beer and go to sleep. Welcome to my life.

Anyway, here's some free music for your punk ass ...

Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart

The Maldives: Cold November

Tommy lee: Hold Me Down

Jim's Big Ego: After The Tornado

Keki Ghoulie: Running on Empty

Primus: My Name is Mud

April March: Chick Habit

Laters ...


Natasha said...

You forgot to mention that I wasn't able to go to the movie with you because I had to stay home to bake chocolate chip cookies for our children to take to school for their Valentine's Day parties.
Guess the "rough time" was all you could say to explain that?
I would have hoped you could at least have mentioned the cookies. They were very tasty after all.

Reverend Steve said...


They were tasty cookies.