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Monday, February 22, 2010

Steve's Going Crazy: The Soundtrack ...

I'm tired. I'm tired of soooooo much.

I honestly, literally feel like I am at my breaking point in my life and in my head. Seriously. I feel like my head is going to crack open like an egg and molten lava is going to pour out.

But see, the thing is I just don't know the proper way to describe what's going on inside me right now.

That is why I have decided to use music to help explain.

So here is a shit ton of free music for you to better explain how I feel. These songs reflect my life, my emotions, my conflicts, and should better explain just how the hell I'm feeling right now...

Criswell Predicts

Seether: Broken (iTunes exclusive acoustic)

bruce Springsteen: The Wrestler

Eels: Gone Man

Jim's Big Ego: Stress (live acoustic)

WWE: I Hear Voices (Randy Orton Theme Song)

The Descendents: I'm The One

The Groovie Ghoulies: Normal (Is A Million Miles Away)

The Beatles: I'm Looking Through You

Sebadoh: Brand New Love

The Knockoffs: When Things Go Wrong

Eels: Unhinged

Jim Infantino: Big Old Dark Green Car

Rufus Wainwright: Natasha

Sebadoh: Vampire

Action League: I Don't Care For You

Socialburn: Be A Man

Avril Lavigne: Losing Grip

Rogue Wave: Ocean Breathes Salty

Frank Sinatra: This Town (Oceans 11 Remix)

The White Stripes: I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself

The Descendents: Sad State Of Affairs

Talking Heads: Psycho Killer

Eels: Little Bird

Modest Mouse: The Good Times Are Killing Me

And if you don't want to download each individual song, I have a handy daddy music player all ready for you to listen to the entire playlist.

Just click play to enter my head ...

Get a playlist! Standalone player Suck Penis


Hope that explains a few things for you.

And I damn well hope you appreciate it, too. You know how much work that took to set all that music up? Shiiiiit.

Anyways, there you are.

I'm out.

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