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Friday, March 19, 2010

Steve Is A Proud Supporter Of Full Figured Women ...

I recently learned of a 2007 Daily Mail article which tells the story of thirty-three year old busty brit Helen Simpson who was barred from the oddly named Christchurch Casino in New Zealand for upsetting fellow gamblers with what they called her "offensive" breasts.

This just SICKENS me!

Here is a portion of the article:

"I feel like I've been discriminated against for having big breasts." Miss Simpson, a business manager for McDonald's who is in her third year studying human resource management, said the matter had been handled unprofessionally.

"The most humiliating thing was that everybody knew," she said.

Miss Simpson has written to casino management saying she left feeling "humiliated, discriminated and highly embarrassed".

She wrote: "Being well-endowed in the upper region is something I did not choose in life and something I'm certainly not proud of. Have you ever been shopping for a formal cocktail dress that is accommodating to a size 14 woman with the top half demanding a size 20?"

Miss Simpson said it was discrimination. "You don't see women with too small boobs being criticized, do you?"

I am so DEEPLY disgusted by this article! It also coincides nicely with a more recent article I read in The Sun about widespread big breast discrimination. Big breasts are a hot button topic and one thats been on MY mind for a long long LONG time ...

You mean to tell me that there are women out there with big, beautiful breasts ... and people are UPSET about this?!? What type of ignorant, despicable, utterly DISGUSTING society do we live in?

This is just utterly deplorable that the Christchurch Casino would act so rude. I mean, if a big tittied woman were to come into MY department tomorrow, say, sometime around 1:30pm pacific standard time, and ask me to help her, would I be seen kicking her out of the store? I say thee NAY! In fact, just the opposite. I would give that woman the FINEST in customer service with one of the world's biggest smiles on my face!

That is because I, for one, am a PROUD, nay, a VEHEMENT supporter of the rights of women with really big ass breasts! I guess that just makes me more sensitive and understanding to feminism and chick rights and shit like that, stuff that broads usually whine about.

The way I see it, women with big breasts are NATIONAL HEROES for being so brave as to flaunt their wares in such a daring way.

In fact, here are some pictures of national heroes in action ...

... and to SHOW that I am such a massive supporter of massive breasts, here is an hour long documentary from the BBC called "My Big Breasts And Me." I am excited to show it here now.


Enjoy ...

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