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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Galindo Family At The Ranch ...

So with our second Wii points card (essentially an iTunes card for old nintendo games) I bought two old school games for me, The Legacy of Kane and Zombies Ate My Neighbors. With the remaining points I let the kids pick a game of their own.

I was hoping they'd pick Sonic Spinball or Zelda: A Link To The Past. Instead, they got a cute and nonsensical preschool game called "My Pokemon Ranch" where Pokemon and Mii's hang out together and do nothing apparently.

It's me, Natasha, Emerald, Isabela and cousin Deinna right now hanging out with six cute Pokemon and it's totally cute as hell.

Here are some pictures ...

That's me and Natasha enjoying the peace and quiet of the farm.

I'm not happy to be there ...

... which is probably why I fall asleep at the farm all the time ...

... like the time Ponyta set my wife's hair on fire and I just slept like a baby.

I even RODE Ponyta once and apparently that was hella fun.

My wife forgave me for the fire incident. That's a picture of us enjoying a quiet moment. I'd like to think that we DID IT behind the barn after this picture.

Emerald's obviously really happy to be there.

So is Isabela and her sparkling brown eyes.

This is Emerald and I having a fun conversation, either that or playing Rock-Rock-Rock which is as close as you can get to playing rock-paper-scissors in this game.

It's a fun game. The little ones love it and I think it's pretty cute, too. I love the feature where you can save the pictures and share them with friends. I find myself waiting for tomorrow to see what new Pokemon I get, you know?

Good shit.

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