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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Paul Is Dead ...

The really crazy thing about Wrestlemania is that while there were 72,000+ people at the year's premiere wrestling event, Paul freaking Mccartney was starting off his north american tour at a concert venue that literally was right next door to the University of Phoenix stadium.

While I was near ringside for free my brother who doesn't even watch wrestling anymore was sitting so freaking high up that he could barely see anything and his head could almost hit the roof of the stadium. I took pride in that.

I didn't get Paul Mccartney tickets. They were pricey and we are fairly broke. But my brother somehow managed to get standing room only seats at the last second and ran to the show as soon as Wrestlemania ended. Crazy ass but if I had the money I would have done it myself.

So my brother kept texting me at the concert, stuff like "Hes playing Blackbird right now" and "He's amazing. He played Day Tripper, Obla Di Obla Da, Live and Let Die" and so on and so on.

And I think it's funny that WWE Champion Chris Jericho ALSO ran from Wrestlemania to the concert and twittered just like my brother! That's so vaguely cute to me.

Here, check it out ...

"McCartney was amazing in Phoenix. Didn't hit one bad note and played 22 Beatles songs and tons of Wings stuff. He sang like he was 25 yrs old! Highlights include Day Tripper, Paperback Writer, Blackbird, Live and Let Die, Helter Skelter, Something ..."


But everybody knows that JERICHO FEARS LOBO!


Nationally Syndicated Horror Host Mr. Lobo has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged WWE Wrestler Chris Jericho to a no holes barred WRESTLING MATCH.

SACRAMENTO - LOBONEWS SERVICE - Following the controversy at the 3rd Annual Sacramento Horror Film Festival this October when Jericho referred to Nationally Syndicated Horror Host Mr. Lobo as "Hadji." As a result Mr. Lobo has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged WWE wrestler and sometime indie horror film actor Chris Jericho to a no holes barred wrestling match.

Mr. Lobo, host of the nationally syndicated television show Cinema Insomnia, recently implicated in a controversy at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival during the screening of Mr. Jericho's new film Albino Farm where he was referred to as "Hadji." The resulting coverage from the TMZ report and the thousands of other new services has caused a deluge of paparazzi to descend on Mr. Lobo's studio as well as confusion about his real name as people keep asking for "Hadji" to come out. Mr. Lobo has now been trapped inside his studio for almost 28hrs as well as suffering some identity confusion, which prompted Mr. Lobo to thrown down the gauntlet in a televised press conference very very late last night.

Mr. Lobo, his homunculus nexus obviously sprained, brazenly announced "You have to pay for this Chirs Irvine Lionheart Fozzy Y2J Jericho." Lobo went on to announce "You call yourself a're gonna come to my town and be a drunken fancypants blowhard at one of my film shows and insult my fellow film geeks? Not in my America." That's when Mr. Lobo announced the "throw down" - "I hearby issue you a challenge Chris Irvine Lionheart Fozzy Y2J Jericho. You and me. I will wrestle you..."

Late yesturday Mr. Lobo's people attempted to contact Mr. Jericho's people to discuss the press conference and details of the match, but have gotten no response so far. So the time and the date of the match are to be determined and pending Mr. Jericho's response to the matter. Cinema Insomnia staff will also be reaching out to the National Thumb Wrestling Federation as well as the WWE to oversee the event and maintain its legitimacy.

Please continue to visit for further updates on this developing story."

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