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Monday, May 17, 2010

Post 1,400: Steve Status Update ...

That's an old pic of me and Isabela when she was a baby. We're asleep on the couch. I've been alive for over 33 years now and in all that time I don't think I've ever known a deeper comfort than the comfort I felt holding my daughters on the couch.

I had a wild ass weekend. There was some feuding on thursday and friday, then I accompanied my wife to a wild ass work party at a hotel where beer and shots mixed with scantily clad women and loud thumping music all night long. I went to bed around 2am after watching the wonderfully bad movie "The Snow Creature." I mingled. I talked to people. I chatted up a few women. I was very proud of myself.

Then on sunday we went to the Dixon Pin-A-Go-Go convention and rocked ass. Emerald, my oldest daughter, rocks on South Park pinball. She even got to play Funhouse, the game she calls "her" game when we play pinball on our PS2. Isabela took a lot of pictures at the event and fancied herself an amateur photographer. Sure she had fun playing pinball but I think she had MORE fun being entrusted with the camera.

Here's some Isabela pics ...

I really love that last one, the picture of the glowing "start" button. Good job, Bela. It takes a very small kid to see the world differently, you know? That's my facebook picture now. I changed it last night. It looks pretty darn good.

Anyway, my wife is leaving for another one of her "work" trips today. She'll be gone for two or three days which means I'll have to rely on her family for rides which will be a bitch. They've been slowly hating on my wife and I and I'm not sure why. I imagine that if we were drunken stoned assholes we'd get a free pass. But anyway, I appreciate all they do for us and when my wife has my car it's doubly so.

But now I have my "second wife" to take care of me, Lisa. Her and her two kids have been her for I'd say over a month now. She does a great job cleaning and helping out around the house. I like my second wife and i think having her here will really soften the blow of my REAL wife leaving.

So that's that.

See you later.

Wind Clan out.

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