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Monday, July 5, 2010

My Bipolar Weekend ...

Things went good, I guess. This weekend felt different and for me at least was haunted by an indescribable sort of malaise.

Yeah, that's me using big words.

Well, on saturday my plan was to have a big fireworks-less fireworks show at storytime without fireworks. It was Lee Greenwood and a shit ton of confetti and me making loud, silly fireworks-ey noises. I thought it would be cute and mad and messy and funny.

Everything went as planned except there were only fifteen kids there, which left me with a sad sort of feeling that lingered for a while. And then on sunday Bela and I watched my Church-less Movie Of The Week. That was fun. And if you haven't seen this week's movie, then you really should. The opening and the intermission I set up are pretty damn cool.

Afterward we went to go see The Last Airbender. I was proud of myself. I pulled a few strings and got my whole family in for free AND in 3D AND free sodas and a shit ton of popcorn. I felt like a big man, using my powers as Sacramento's leading storyteller to take my family out for the day.

Too bad the movie sucked ass.

So the night of the fourth we were scheduled to hang out at a friend's house, which is what we do EVERY fourth of July weekend. But for the first time in maybe five years we actually stayed home, popped some poppers, stayed up late and continued the old school Galindo Family Killing Spree which is now five years old, amazingly enough. What a better way to celebrate independence from the brits than by killing random strangers on the streets of L.A.?

It was a different fourth of July. But it was indeed a comfortable one.

So now it's monday, a non-holiday known as The Fifth Of July. Since when is today a holiday, too? Because so many stores today were closed or closed early. Today isn't a holiday. It's somehow a post-holiday holiday. It's kind of like how Black Friday is almost a bigger holiday than Thanksgiving.

Anyway, we're outside grilling and enjoying a beautiful summer night.

Here are some pictures I just took ...

... and witness the RETURN of The Gummy Hamburger!

Up and down, strikes and gutters. That's the life of a bipolar man.

And that was my weekend.

Wind Clan out.

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