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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Spreading The Word ...

It's easy for me to forget about my religion.

I mean, I have a house and a job and a car and an insanely attractive wife and two adorable little daughters, so it's easy for me to forget that not only am I known as "daddy" at home and "Mr. Steve" at work, but I am also Reverend Steve, a man who created a legally recognized religion in 1996 with Ed Wood as its savior. I started the thing as a joke but now, almost fifteen years later, the Church of Ed Wood has over 3,500 baptized followers worldwide.

Yeah, that's all fine and dandy but it doesn't help me when my air conditioning is broke in my car and I have no money to fix it and I have to be at work in five minutes. For starters, the 3,500+ followers are spread worldwide, so I hardly ever run into any of them. The majority of my followers are in Europe, Germany, Spain, places like that, not in this ghetto place that I live in. So I hardly have any physical contact with my followers to remind me of who I am and my speck of importance.

Secondly, I make no money from this religion. In fact, I lose money running it. So usually I'm here in Sacramento struggling with finances and my ever growing bipolar disorder and Ed Wood, sadly, is in the farthest back corner of my mind. It's still there, but it's behind so many more pressing topics.

It's nice, though, to occasionally be reminded of who I am.

I just spent about a half an hour chatting online with a follower of mine. She if from Germany but living in Argentina. Isn't that amazing?

Here's what she said ...

"On Eddie's birthday there was a radio show where they introduced him and in the end, they said, that a Steve Galindo founded a church on him! And then, we held a speech in religion class at school and now half the school knows about it!"

I have self esteem issues. My bipolar disorder makes me deeply depressed and feeling like I just want to die. And I struggle with cutting myself.

So it's nice to know that somewhere I am important.

Even if that somewhere is across the globe, somewhere I'm important.

Yay me!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

and yur a fucker, guy who posted loser!

Varsenik said...

Steve, don't ever forget how important Woodism is to your followers. 6 years ago, finding your religion saved my life. Sometimes a little reminder of Ed Wood is the only thing that keeps me going.

Reverend Steve said...

It is incredibly difficult for me to stay positive in the face of such adversity, plus the whole thing about how I have thousands of followers THAT I NEVER SEE. But thank you Varsenik for your kind words!