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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Steve's Church-less Movie Of The Week ...

Yoinked from Wikipedia and the reefer madness museum...

"Assassin of Youth (1937) is an exploitation film directed by Elmer Clifton. It is a pre-WWII movie about the supposed ill effects of cannabis. The thriller reflects perfectly the anti-drug propaganda of its time.

Exploitation is the name of the game as this film explores the evils that await those who indulge in marijuana. The story attempts to illustrate the sins produced by marijuana, and this film indeed begins with sin, when the elderly Elizabeth Barrie is struck and killed by a youth who, while driving and smoking marijuana, kisses a girl, causing the accident. It seems the evil of marijuana is merged here with the evil of pre-marital kissing. Can it get any worse? YES!

In the film, the journalist Art Brighton goes undercover to investigate the granddaughter of a recently deceased rich woman, killed in a drug-related car crash. The girl, Joan Barrie, will inherit the fortune of her grandmother if she is able to fulfill a morals clause in the will. Joan's cousin Linda Clayton and her husband Jack will try to frame Joan to acquire the fortune themselves.

The journalist tries to save Joan and dismantle the criminal gang of marijuana-dealing youths to which Linda belongs. While the newspaper tries to show the horrible dangers of marijuana to the general public, violence scales in the town in the form of obscene all-night drug parties where anything can happen.

The film's title refers to an article of the same year by U.S. 'drug czar' Harry J. Anslinger that appeared in The American Magazine and was reprinted in Reader's Digest in 1938. That article briefly mentions several stories from his 'Gore file' of tragedies allegedly caused by marijuana. The movie's tone echoes those of Anslinger's cautionary tales.

The film contained some mild nudity scenes, which were subject to censorship in some cases. The movie is nowadays considered anti-marijuana propaganda, and often viewed in B-movie marathons."

Steve's Snacks Of The Week:




Spaghetti And Meatballs

Ramen Noodles

Root Beer

The Screams Of Six Freaking Children

... and now ONCE AGAIN Steve and this blog are both PROUD to present today's Church-less Movie of the Week in its entirety FOR FREE!

Please, though, a few ground rules first. There's absolutely no talking in Steve's Theater and all talkers will be spanked mercilessly. No cell phones or African-American berries in the theater.

And be sure to dim your headlights (where applicable).

And today's movie is shown in eight parts and has been mixed in with previews, intermission fun, and a whole bunch more nonsense. So have fun.

Enjoy the show y'all!

BTW the sound isn't great, so headphones are probably the best choice.

Have fun.

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