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Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Call For Help ...


I waited to blog about this until now. I didn't want to take the thunder away from Bela's dia especial.

I, Reverend Steve Galindo, founder of The Church of Ed Wood, am having SEVERE financial difficulties and am on the verge of declaring bankruptcy.

I need need NEED YOUR HELP!

So if you can, and even if it's just a few bucks, please donate NOW to paypal account "" and thank you for your help!


Gwen said...

Steve, I'm at a loss seeing this entry. I think you know I care enough to have been concerned and offered a bit of help to you recently, so I'm not saying this to be mean. I say this as a friend who cares. I think it's kinda crappy to use the church as an excuse to ask people for money, when the issue has nothing to do with it. Your issue is having a job that doesn't pay well, and the need to figure out a solid plan to get your family back on track financially. There's a non-profit organization called Consumer Credit Counseling that we used many years ago. They got us out of debt. What they do is look at all of your bills and debts, your income, and they go to your creditors to get them to stop charging late fees and interest so you have a chance at paying off the bill. Then you write CCC one check each month, which they distribute to your creditors until it is paid off. Erik and I had something like $7,000 in debt when we started, and were able to pay it off in under two years with their help.

You have 3 adults in your household right now. It seems 1 of you could easily be around while the others are at work. Call a family meeting with both the wives and work out a plan.

I'm sorry, Steve, but this is beneath you. Begging for money on the internet to save your finances isn't dignified.

Reverend Steve said...

Gwen, it's hard not to take what you wrote personally. But I have no money, they took away my car, and my in-laws are moving away in two weeks. I am screwed. I can barely afford to keep the address, let alone food or a car to get to work. And I think that after 14 years of working solo on my own religion that I deserve to use it for some help.

Also, there is literally nothing beneath me. I am as low as they come.

Anonymous said...

Fucking pathetic. Maybe if you set your sights above retail work you'd be able to pay your bills.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you didn't waste your time reading a "pathetic" person's blog then you wouldn't be so gay.

Reverend Steve said...

Whoah there everybody.

Just calm the fuck down.

Anonymous said...

Dear Great Leader of Woodism,

I thank you for all you've done, and though your friend surely didn't mean to offend you, I still don't agree with their opinion, though I do appreciate the difference between their post and the other ones.

I have very limited funds, and yet I still feel I want to help out, so surely others can feel similar, and I do hope that those who can afford to help have done so, and shall continue!