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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Steve's Church-less Movie Of The Week ...

Today's cinematic church alternative is available on Netflix on Demand until 9/8, so watch it while you can!

Yoinked from wikipedia, wired and ...

"Alien Trespass is a 2009 science-fiction comedy film based on 1950s sci-fi B movies. It stars Eric McCormack (Will and Grace) and Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgment Day). It is a nearly flawless recreation/satire of 1950s B-sci-fi/horror movies.

The story begins in 1957 in the star-filled skies above California's Mojave Desert. It is a special night for noted astronomer Ted Lewis, who is preparing a special dinner for his beautiful, adoring wife Lana to celebrate their wedding anniversary. In another part of town, Tammy, a waitress at small local diner with big plans for the future, looks out her window and is excited to see a shooting star, which she takes as a good sign for her dreams. But, what Dr. Lewis and Tammy assume is a shooting star, is really ... an alien spaceship!

Filmed Technicolor-bright with obvious green screen and the most primitive of special effects, such as clunky fades and rubber monster prosthetics, it is a rather unique parody. Astonishingly, from start to finish, it plays it straight. All of the genre cliches are here, from the characters–the scientist constantly chomping on his ever-present pipe; his adoring housewife who wears pearls to the breakfast table; the short-tempered sheriff two days from retirement; the preppy teenagers, first confronted by a space creature while making out in their car–to the invasion-of-Earth-beginning-in-a-rural-area scenario to the overly earnest lesson about our planet and its place in a constantly progressing universe learned at the denouement.

Unlike other B-movie parodies, like Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks! or Quentin Tarrantino and Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse, however, Alien Trespass is devoid of knowing winks to the audience or overly self-referential, hipster humor. Instead, it is filmed as if it actually were a science-fiction movie from the 1950s, with just the slightest hints in the dialogue and framing of the shots here and there that this is meant to be a joke. It respects its audience enough not to tell them when or how to laugh, inspiring laughter not through intentionally campy acting or Airplane!-sized sledgehammer gags, but through the subtlest of indications.

Alien Trespass was clearly filmed on a miniscule budget, which might just have been higher than some of the B-films it references, and yet it manages to not only be compelling and funny but also unexpectedly suspenseful. Director R.W. Goodwin shot Alien Trespass in just 15 days, steering clear of computer-generated effects. He even refused to use camera lenses invented after 1957.

In his review for the Boston Globe, Ty Burr wrote, 'There's more simple joy to be found here than in all of DreamWorks' 3-D extravaganza, though - a pleasure that comes from laughing at the movie and with it at the same time.' Entertainment Weekly gave the film a B+ and Lisa Schwarzbaum praised its 'warm tone, along with the picture's bright, saturated, anti-CGI look, is a welcome respite from jokes, irony, and the postmodern malaise of know-it-all-ness.'

If you’re looking for a loving homage to old science-fiction, you’ll find few examples of B-movie parody more enjoyable or meticulously targeted than Alien Trespass. It delivers a clever, involving, suspenseful story, while also being deeply, deeply silly. Like many B-films, Alien Trespass is much more entertaining than it has any right to be."

Any, I wasn't able to find this free. But it's rated PG, it's available to watch RIGHT NOW on your Netflix on Demand, and I've been waiting to see it.

I mention the rating because I have six kids in this house driving me insane, so forcing them to watch some church-less crazy business is just what the reverend ordered.

So have fun. I'll try not to get punched by any christian in-laws today.

Enjoy the show, y'all!

FYI, I did find this bootleg, but I'm not sure if the bad foreign quality is worth it. But if you don't have Netflix, then slap yourself silly, you silly silly man.

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