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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Early Internets (In 3D!!!) ...

That's me in the break room. I'm at work early again.

I really like getting here early. I get to kick back, watch a bad movie I bring in from home, and relax before going nuts and doing the work of three people at my damn job.

See, my therapist said something yesterday to me, something about how my manic depression and my bipolar makes me have a really hard time COMPREHENDING some things, so I need this time before work to fully understand and comprehend what is expected of me.

Or something like that. My last therapy session was rough. I was crying. My wife was crying.

My therapy lady totally Oprah-ed us.

THIS is the movie I'm watching today ...

It's a jungle pic written by Ed Wood. It's a gorilla picture with a strange woodian twist. The woman lead is actually the reincarnation of the queen of the gorillas or something. And in the end, the woman lives happily ever after with some giant gorilla in a jungle filled with stock footage.

Jungle bestiality. Great.

Speaking of movies, yesterday the fam and I went downtown to go see a special 3D screening of Disney's new picture Tangled. And I am deeply happy to say that Tangled is a great, classic Disney princess movie but with A.D.H.D. Good stuff. It was fast paced, the songs were pretty good, I was laughing throughout, and the 3D was fucking amazing. It's a really good movie. Disney is finally taking some thunder away from Pixar. about damn time.

I'm blogging at work because we STILL have no internets at home. And it's driving me crazy. I want my blog, my facebooks, my stupid facebook superhero game, my Movie Monster Music, my bad movies. I miss it. I want it back. I need wifi.

My therapist also said that my blogging is good for me. Yeah! Posting pictures of girls with big tits and bad movies is REALLY helping me not cut myself!

And don't ask me how my book is doing.

I've only gotten about 5,000 pages so far. I have an amazing, awesome, killer idea. I just don't have the drive and the patience.

Maybe I'll work on it today.

See you later, everybody!

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