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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Galindo Christmas 2010 ...

This was a very different sort of Christmas for my family this year.

For starters, we spent this Christmas with my "other wife" Lisa and her kids. They are loud, crazy, angry, and they can be a handful. They can be two handfuls. They can be a plethora of big, fat, annoying handfuls. But they're kinda sorta family now.

So there was that.

This was also our first Christmas together without my wife's family living next door or even in this part of the country. They ran off to Oklahoma because God told them to, so now we're here alone. Sigh.

So we ended up spending about four of five hours with them via webcam, although my wife says it was actually a much shorter time. But I think she's wrong. And for whatever reason the whole webcam thing just annoyed the living crap out of me! I didn't mean to be hating on my in-laws, but we had to suffer through bad reception and piss poor sound and having to yell and repeat everything we said and talking to a tiny camera and all this crap ... and I just couldn't stop thinking that if they wanted to spend time with us for Christmas then they shouldn't have moved their asses to the middle of nowhere.

My wife says I'm just hurt. And I think she's probably right.

Here are the pics ...

The official unveiling of the ultra rare, hand painted, one-of-a-kind Steve and Natasha action figures ...

Hope everybody had a good holidays.

I worked today, the day after Christmas, at 5am! Five freaking AM!

So to make up for that, tomorrow the 27th I'm doing nothing but eating junk food and watching bad movies. I'll try and post one or two here on my blog as well.

I can't wait!

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