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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Horror Movies ...

I used to never watch horror films!

See, I used to be so very easily frightened when I was a kid. I was a serious crybaby and anything even the slightest bit spooky (classic universal monster movies excluded) would make me just frightened off my ass. I would to cower at the sight of ANY horror movie and that was IF you could ever GET me to watch one!

Maybe it stems from an incident from my childhood. When I was six or seven I woke up bright and early because we were going to go see Bambi at the dollar theater at Valley West Mall. But when we got there they were all sold out, so we went to go see Poltergeist instead. I still haven't watched that film again since that very day.

I was so sensitive growing up that after I would watch a horror film I would cry, I wouldn't be able to sleep for days and weeks, I would have nightmares up the ass and I would totally lose my shit constantly!

And yet I somehow grew up loving b-movies and monster movies and bad, misunderstood cult movies while at the same time avoiding all frightening movies. It's been a fine line I've traversed these past few decades but I've managed to somehow survive.

But ever since I was in my OWN sort of horror movie a year ago ...

... my definition of what is scary has drastically changed. Now the idea of some fake spooky horror film where naked stupid teens get stabbed by heartless monsters is just fucking stupid next to the hell that I survived thru.

So I've been spending the past few months doing some much needed catching up. I've watched all the Nightmare on Elm Street movies and I'm working on Friday the 13th. I actually laughed at Cannibal Holocaust. I always thought I would vonit or freak out or cry. But I just fucking laughed. It was amazing.

And this morning, I finally re-watched another SCARRED FOR LIFE childhood horror film, Creepshow. Great flick.

So here's a (semi) horror film for you to watch absolutely free. It's not part of my weekly Church-less Movie Of The Week. It's just a free movie because I'm so awesome.

It's Battle Royale and it's awesome. I couldn't have watched this film ten years ago.

Thanks, robbery!

Enjoy ...

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