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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stories In Pictures ...

It's the holidays. That means that my job, which is just a stone's throw away from one of the biggest malls in Sacramento, is busy as hell. And this picture is a good example of that. I took this coming out of my work yesterday. Traffic was so crazy and everything was so crowded that the police were in full force, including these cop horses. Crazy.

My freaking wife bumrushed me yesterday. I come home to find two brand new puppy dogs in my house, bringing my total now to one fish, two cats and five damn dogs. But, as much as I would like to be angry about the whole thing, they are the cutest fucking dogs anyone has ever SEEN! Plus, I am now living out my DREAM by having two dogs named Grandma and Grandpa. "Mom, grandma won't stop licking my nose!" That's comedy gold right there!

This is a picture of my old friend Kenton. You may know him as Mild Mannered Kenton, aka Captain Book, the bookstore superhero! He was my story time superhero for almost two years before he moved away. We had elaborate comedy battles and it got pretty popular until he had to move. But now he's moved back, causing rumors that Captain Book may be returning to storytime. Although there's no confirmation as of yet, we will just have to wait and see if the bookstore superhero makes his triumphant return...

This is Frankie the Mustached Turtle. He protects our car from pirates and keeps us all safe with his watchful eye.

This is a picture of my older brother and I being held by my uncle George. This picture was taken at my grandma and grandpa's house down by the border. When we were younger we would spend a LOT of time at that house. Now my nana and tata are both dead and I think the house just got sold from under my family. That's sad. I miss that house. By the way, I am the hideously fat baby in the picture.


I secretly took this picture at my work on black friday. It was around 10am and from the look at the shopping bags in this picture it is obvious that these people were awake for a VERRRRRY LONG TIME before they crashed the hell out and started snoring like mad. I remember seeing them asleep in the store and hearing them snore like mad and I knew I just HAD to take their picture. Sneaking a picture of them asleep, I got excited and nervous and scared and I was just in awe, just like a hunter coming face to face with a massive grizzly bear. I'm glad I got the shot. It's the perfect representation of Black Friday, the American holiday that killed Thanksgiving.

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