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Monday, January 10, 2011

Guest Blogger!

Well folks, this is Natasha. Steve is at home, I have the computer and am in the bay area.
I don't really know what the hell I'm going to blog about.
Guess I will tell you about the trip out here.

I was suppose to rent a car and come out here on Friday. But the I changed that to Saturday, then on Saturday I decided that it would be a good idea to wait until Sunday after Steve got off work and have him bring me to save money, then he can come pick me up on Wednesday. Good idea right? Can you tell yet that I really didn't want to come out here?

So last night, after kissing the kids goodnight/goodbye, I went and picked Steve up from working a full shift. He is tired. So I tell him to take a nap while I drive out here. He only gets about 45-50 minutes of sleep.
We get here, I realize that the hotel that priceline booked me (I did the name your own price) is practically in the middle of nowhere. I am not within walking distance of anything. Not unless I want to walk for an hour. Which, I'm not unwilling to do, it is just that it wouldn't be convenient to do so if I end up having to work.
So we check in, I can't seem to get the heater to work.
The lady from the front desk, Faye, comes in and checks it. It's true it doesn't work. The unit on the wall. However there is a huge unit on the wall by the window, you know the one. And I didn't even notice it. So she got that on for me.
Then Steve and I go to Wal Mart. I needed food. Especially since I am out in the middle of no where. I am at an Extended Stay so I can at least cook my own stuff.

To make a long story short, Steve didn't end up leaving here until 11:30pm. I intended him to leave at 9:30. He was suppose to be home by the time he left.
Oh well.
It was hard. I didn't want to be here alone, I didn't want him to have to drive home alone, it just plain sucked.

Oh well.

I am trying to watch The Human Centipede on Netflix on the computer, however it keeps telling me that my internet connection has slowed down and it needs to adjust the playback. So there's that.

Steve has informed me that he has watched three movies today. The original Fly, Hercules Unchained, and Zombieland. Which is an awesome movie. Love that film.
He also wanted me to tell you all that he says hi, and he may go see a movie sometime tomorrow. I'm not sure what movie. I will ask him, hold on....

He hasn't answered me.

Well I'm off to finish this movie! Hopefully. I will blog again later!

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