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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Accident ...

This is what happened.

Yesterday afternoon, while trying to get onto the freeway, a white sports car tried to cut us off and in the process almost sideswiped us. My pregnant wife, who happened to be driving, was so distracted trying to save us from the near accident that she did not see that the traffic in front of us was stopping. I warned my wife and she hit the brakes but it wasn't enough and we rammed hard into the car in front of us.

Gnarls Barkley: Run

We are all fine. The impact didn't hurt us. Isabela said she was hurt but the buckling of the seat belt and the moment of impact shocked her more than anything else. Natasha is now in a bit of pain. However, we are all pretty much certain that the pain she is in is the result of normal pregnancy pains and not anything accident related. Still, we are calling her doctor today to make sure and maybe try to get an appointment today for her to be seen.

So, again, we are all fine.

Wish we could say the same about our car.

We are leaking power steering fluid, the radiator is cracked like crazy, and it is now at some car repair place waiting to see what the cost of it is going to be. It will most definitely end up being something we can't afford.

Yesterday, as we were stranded near Arden Mall, I had to walk over a block to try and meet our ride at the gas station. I stopped into my ...[edited]

I'm trying not to sweat it, though.

Anyway, we are going to try and get a rental car in a little bit.

Wish me luck.

Wind Clan out.

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Gwen said...

Jesus Christ, take down that pic. I thought there was actual carnage involved and that you guys were hurt.

Glad you're all okay.