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Monday, August 8, 2011

About Our Trip ...

So this weekend we were supposed to go to Santa Cruz for the weekend to go to a wedding, to go to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (where they filmed Lost Boys), to swim in the ocean and, this is the part that I was the most excited about, we were going to go to the legendary Santa Cruz Mystery Spot, where all laws of nature are reversed.

Overall, things didn't go quite as planned.

For starters, the wedding was not for a relative as I had assumed but for my wife's friend whom she met on open diary. There were such a massive amount of white yuppies that you could smell the botox. I was the only non-white person there except for a few older relatives. Plus, since we weren't excactly close family, at dinner we were seated in the farthest corner with some strange sped guy who smelled funny and just could not stop talking to me.

Open bar. I didn't drink, though.

The next day we were going to go back to Santa Cruz and spend the day there. But see, we couldn't find a cheap enough place in Santa Cruz so we stayed at a fairly okay hotel in Sunnyvale about an hour away. The drive from one location to another, especially during a busy weekend, was hell and one my wife absolutely did not want to have to do again. So we didn't go back.

No boardwalk and no swimming in the ocean. That hurt a bit. So, we all hit up the hotel's spa instead.

It really hurt that we couldn't go to the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot. I was really looking forward to going there with my girls.In fact, the only reason why I wanted to go to the wedding in the first place was so that I could spend time in Santa Cruz with my family and that was just taken away from me.

So that just sucked.

So we found a place called Sky High Jump where there are basically just a few hundred trampolines on the floors and the walls and stuff. It sounded amazing and I really wanted to do it with the girls, but apparently we didn't have the money, so it was just the girls jumping and me taking pictures.


But my girls had fun.

Then we drove back home, went to Dairy Queen, and got Blizzards which, in my opinion, made up for everything else.

THAT is how good fucking Blizzards are.

Right now I'm on the couch watching The Avengers cartoon, which is absolutely awesome by the way, with my daughters. My wife is out running errands with her mom, who will be living with us until October or so. I am on her computer.

I have been asking nicely to get on her computer since friday. It's now monday and I am finally on it.

Something tells me she doesn't want me on her computer. That is why I am holding off on the missions of things I want to blog about right now. I don't want to be on here for too long.

Hopefully I will be able to blog more soon.

Wind Clan out.

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