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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Changing Channels In A Sea Of Goodness ...

I'm watching Mitch Hedgeberg right now. The man is, was, a genius. So was Bill Hicks. Last night I watched three hours of 30 Rock. Then I watched The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and two whole episodes of Maury. Paternity tests are the greatest, not the crappy lie detector episodes. "You are NOT the father!" Those are the best.

It's been over a decade since I've had cable. Now I have it and I am absolutely in love. I am swimming in a crappy sea of watered down goodness.

Have you seen Storage Wars? It's literally about nothing but it's so damn addictive! And on TruTV there's this cop show called Vegas and it's cops on the strip. Screwed up stuff. They had a marathon on a week ago and I stayed up until about 2 am watching that stuff. That's good, too, because I have been closing at work a lot so I have adapted well to staying up late watching crap.

So, although living in the middle of nowhere in a backwards state may be challenging to me, as long as I have cable and my Netflix I could be living in the middle of nowhere or in freaking Pakistan and I would be hunkey dorey even steven around here.

See, I love bad movies.

That's why I love Netflix. It's the almighty King of bad movies.



Still no laptop, though. I'm writing this on my wife's Nook. I think my wife is somehow purposefully dragging her feet when it comes to getting my laptop back. That sucks because I really need to level up Isabela and I's superheroes in Marvel Superhero Squad.

But yeah. Things are pretty good for me right now.

If I didn't have cable then I might have a different answer, but I DO have it, so there it is. Life is pretty good right now.

Wind clan out.

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Depressed Mormon Mommy said...

Ohmagod it's so true, Storage Wars is ridiculously addicting. and I always have to get me my Colbert fix. Netflix is King of Crap. But I still love it so much. When I have a super crappy day and can't work up the ability to do basicly anything, Netflix is like my soul-mate/bff...