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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Currently ...

I am currently sitting on the couch watching a rerun of The Colbert Report as well as two hours of 30 Rock. See, there's an hour of 30 Rock on WGN and after that there's another hour on Comedy Central. The couch is small and vaguely uncomfortable but I have my feet kicked up on one of te arms. I am alone in the room except for a dog snoring on the floor right below. Now Isabela has joined me. The second hour of 30 Rock is about to start.

I am currently drinking coffee. I have been doing a TON of closing shifts at work lately, so I have been pretty darn tired lately. I've been sleeping in most days, thanks to my awesome wife with whom I get to have sex, but yesterday was our two girls' first day at an Oklahola school. They were great. They were excited, not scared, and Isabela didn't even cry at all. However, waking up early to see them off to school means that I had an incredibly long day yesterday which was capped off by an hour and fifteen minute drive home, an eight hour shift at work, and an hour and twenty minute drive in the pouring rain. I woke up a little after noon this afternoon, then took a small nap, then decided to drink some coffee. So that is that.

I am currently blogging on my wife's phone because I still do not have my laptop in possession. The laptop crashed and the computer tech people said that we could have them completely reset the computer and that would esare everything OR we could wait five to eight weeks and have them send it to this special lab where they could try and see if they could rescue as much as they could. It was successful. They rescued everything. They also took like nine weeks. And now that they are done we don't live there anymore. I keep bothering my wife to have her friend Cheryl see if she can pick it up so that she can send it to us, so hopefully soon we will have that damn thing back.

I am currently happy. I was really unhappy in Sacramento. There were people there that spend a really long amount of time and effort working on a witch hunt designed to persecute me and make my life a living hell. And it worked. I really do think, and my therapist backs it up, that after the robbery I was in that I developed post traumatic stress disorder which was intensified by the intense witch hunt that I was horrifically subjected to by a small handfull of nameless people who by no means have any relation to any major organization whatsoever. Which led to the cutting I now still wrestle with daily. Now I'm happy here. My life is great and things are awesome and all is well with the world I live in.

That is what I am currently doing.

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Varsenik said...

Steve, I'm so glad to see you doing better!