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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Thoughts ...

The picture above is a picture I took on my drive to work. It's about fifty minutes to an hour drive each way and it can be tiring and boring and monotonous but it's also a pretty amazing drive. It's a great time for me to think and compose my thoughts. The drive is absolutely gorgeous, as you can see from the picture above. The whole drive is filled with wide open plains and big hills and dense, dark forests and even some wild animals. I've spotted some deer a few times and what was either a coyote or a chupacabra, a legendary Mexican goat sucker, which my dad, who is from deep with the fields of Mexico, can tell you are absolutely real.

I also have a video that I recorded a few months ago and its of my dad explaining how for special occasions when he was little his whole family would kill and eat a cow. It's a pretty sharp contract to MY childhood living with my mom and my toys and cable television, you know?

I want to post something personal here, something meaningful and honest. I feel like this blog has been here for ten whole years and for most of that time I've used this as a platform for my personal thoughts and feelings and gripes. It's been an honest, unfiltered look into my mind. but recently I've become more obsessed with getting hits and using this blog to entertain others with movies and pictures and boobs and whatnot. So although I'm not exactly sure what I should say, i just know it's important that I try and say something.

It's a beautiful day in Oklahoma. The wind is ripping through the dark clouds like cray but it's not COLD wind. It's windy but still a very nice day. I'm used to wind that cuts right through your clothes and drills into your bones. This is strong but mild feeling wind and it makes for good tree-climbing weather.

Here's a few photos ...

I guess that I could call living here lonely. I could. But I have a wife and three kids. Two catch the bus every morning just a half a block away from our front lawn. I walk them there whenever I can and I try to be there when they get home. I have a newborn who in just two weeks will be six months old. He's growing so fast. plus there's my wife. And my in-laws. And occasionally there's my brothers-in-law and my amazing niece Deinna.

So I may feel lonely but I am never alone.

Work is good. They people are really nice and really friendly and they are already starting to warm up to my humor and my attitude. I've even been invited to a thing or two. I am only part-time but people are already starting to notice me and notice how hard of a worker I am and how awesome I am. And that is something that the other place I was at quickly forgot about. It's bad that I'm not making as much money as I used to, but after the hardcore schedule I kept at the other place it is a warm welcome to have time off to spend with the people who really matter.

Things are pretty good right now for me.

My mind is fast and manic here but also calm, just like the wind outside racing thru the trees.

And I'll still show movies and boobs.

You're welcome.

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