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Friday, March 16, 2012

My New Favorite Author ...

My new favorite author is unquestionably the strange and hillarious sci-fi writer A. Lee Martinez. He's like an American Terry Pratchett set in the modern day and spliced with another favorite author of mine, Bradley Denton.

I read his book Divine Misfortune, which deals with Gods and annoying roommates and a divine raccoon, while on the road from Sacramento to Arizona to Oklahoma and now I am nearing completion of his newest book Emperor Mollusk VERSUS The Sinister Brain, a title that is right up my alley! And todayI will probably go ahead and purchase another book of his in mass market paperback. I can't get enough of his well paced wierdness!

The first book of his that I read I absolutely HAD to read because he ACTUALLY dedicated the book to SQUIRREL GIRL, the archaic Marvel super heroin with super squirrel powers! I had been telling the kids at storytime about Squirrel Girl for about a YEAR before accidentally stumbling upon his dedication. That is when I knew it was meant to be.

Reading his newest book, which I am absolutely adoring, is giving me a pleasant break from the Hunger Games trilogy. Don't get me wrong. I do like them. Once I got over the fact that a bajillion teenage girls were drooling over the same thing I was reading , once I got over THAT then I was surprised to find that it was a sharp, well paced series. It's like a watered down American version of Battle Royale, which I adore. I finished book two and decided to wait for Mockingjay, book three. It's a fun little ride, this series, and I'm not in a hurry to end it all.

So in my book Emperor Mollusk, the former evil conqueror of Earth, is trying to save the planet from The Sinister Brain. Que dramatic music. It's absolutely a STEVE book and I am having the best time with it! I picture an animated movie with the genius mollusk voiced by Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. But that's just me.

Ok, so, I gotta get back to work now. Wish me luck. And I'll try to post a movie later.

Wind Clan out.

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