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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Small Thoughts ...


-Today was the second time in the three months that I have been living in Oklahoma that a customer has mistaken me for a woman. This was the second time some crusty old republican christian white woman has come to me calling me "ma'am" before noticing my beard and my rugged, manly mustache. Everyone around me thinks I should cut my long hair, but I'm just starting to like it long. I'm caught in quite a hairy quandry.

-A few years ago I started another blog with the mission of turning the nine diaries I've written in since 2002 into a novelized sort of blog of my life. Then i stopped. i think it was too hard for me. But I really do think I am in a state (emotionally, not geographically) where I can try and start it over again. I mean, this is my life that I'm letting gather dust. So I'm going to try it again and see if I can get it to a position where I can share it with the world. So wish me luck, everyone.

-Here is a picture of the list of my vaguely humorous but ultimately attempts to write a follow-up to the irritating yet successful country song "I'm An Okie From Muskogee" using actual city names from the fair state of Oklahoma:

-My latino sister-in-law-in-law (a level two in-law) Lauren is taking me out for my birthday and I am supremely excited! She is taking me to go see a movie in the balcony area of the legendary Warren theater in Moore! This looks amazing! Check out the link! Go ahead. It's like a movie theater dream. And i don't even want to REMEMBER when the last time was that I went to see a movie in a freaking theater! And I live in a city, more of a speck, that is so small that it has a lousy two screen shack of a theater that I'm afraid to go to. So I can't wait. Lauren and I are going to see ??? on the 18th, so YEEEEAAAUUUHHH!! Happy birfday, me!

THINGS I MISS ABOUT SACRAMENTO (in no particular order): Dimple Records, Tiffany Bush, Empire Comics, Lance, easy access to Target stores, being really tight with a local movie theater, my storytime audience, and Marisa.

-I have a small play idea that I came up with this afternoon. It's called "Super Sounds Of The Seventies: A Different Kind Of Reservoir Dogs." So, the oldies radio station K-BILLY has decided to test out a new format, the seventies, starting with a whole weekend of classic seventies music. They've even hired a new dj named Stephen Wright. The problem is, he's THE WORST! But once they are about to fire him, an old man who calls himself Mr. Blue comes in covered in blood and waving a gun around. This changes EVERYTHING! This is as much as I have. I just came up with the idea this afternoon. It's basically a Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead for Reservoir Dogs. You hear the sirens from the cops, hear the gunshots, and Mr. Blonde calls in a request. I bet you know what song he wants to hear. It's a unique and fairly solid idea. I picture it as a sort of Newsradio meets gritty Tarantino film. I just need to flesh it out. But I probably wont because I'm so lazy.

-My wife drove me to work today. We talked about men falling from the sky and imitated the roadkill on the side of the road. Little Maxwell was asleep in the back and my in-laws were nowhere to be seen. Wow. I actually got to be alone with my wife! Yay!

That's that.

Wind Clan out.

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