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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Wife ...

That is a picture of me and my wife. She is awesome as hell. My wife and I will have been married for seven years next month and we've been together for nine whole years. And that's some big time awesome right there.

Our anniversary is coming up soon, on Cinco De Mayo, coincidentally. And please don't think that my anniversary falling on that day has anything to do with my own hatred for my own Latino race. It's just the day we picked. I believe, in fact, that we strategically picked that day to claim it as our own in the same way that Christians and Catholics picked December 25th to trump that day's pagan holiday. This was our way to claim this lame-o mexi-holiday as our own.

I love my wife. I really do. She is my life. Natasha truly holds my heart in her hands until we both die and I am really happy with that. I couldn't be happier. I am comfortable. And the two of us have really been happy lately, having fun and getting into adventures and just being really good. Thank gawd, too, because we have been through some serious life and death SHIZnittle in those mine years. But I sincerely think that with all the pain and the fights that I can safely say that there is literally nothing she can do that will make me stop loving her and wanting to be with her.

I love my wife.

Good stuff.

I'm hoping that the two of us can go eat somewhere, maybe get some good Italian food somewhere, which is hard in Oklahoma, and then maybe get a drink or two and go see the new Avengers movie at our super small two screen movie theater here.

I have pictures from the Oklahoma City Zoo that I will try to post tomorrow.

Wind Clan out.


Anonymous said...

Hey so rad you live in Oklahoma City. Tulsa here requesting verification on your frequency and frequencies of other like-minded creatures such as yourself and my family...the ultimate goal being eventual total world domination achieved through STANDARDIZED TESTS WITH T. O. T. A. L. REGARD TO CLASS, RACE, AND LIFETIME EXPERIENCES!!! This is the ONLY way for successful recruition
T = Tibeal Nerve Damage Resistant
O = Optic Nerve Anti-Degenerative Capabilities
T = Transistor Trained Frontal-to-Temporal Lobe Transfers
A = Auxiliaratory Tiny Gun Weapontry Accessabilities
L = Librium Plant-Based Consumption Implementation

T. O. T. A. L. plus Cultural-Based Standardized Test Scores will prove to be best indication of qualified individuals to assist in World Domination. All other individuals will be placed on various asteroid belt cemeteries to be called upon when implementing Plan 9. (see Plan 9 to understand Plan 9). Success to all Woodies and Woodlets-MAY THE CORPSE BE WITH YOU ...€^~€ :^¥>. £<<*£< !!!

Reverend Steve said...

I don't know what that means but I support it 1000%!

Anonymous said...

I'm not exactly sure what it means either...and I wrote it. You have a beautiful family and The World definitely needs you ! ONWARD CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE !!!!- Wood Wishes, Beckie