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Monday, April 16, 2012

When The Sirens Hit ...

Last Friday I drove to work for a closing shift. It was generally overcast in Seminole where I live, not too bad, though. The drive took about fifty five minutes and it got slowly worse the more I drove. It was raining fairly bad when I got to a fairly empty work.

The weather quickly worsened while I was at work. After about an hour I started hearing reports from customers about wind tearing off roofs and pulling trees from heir roots. That is when I started getting pretty worried, but I stayed at the front registers so that I could be closer to the Nooks that were showing an app that had live Doppler radar of the area and showed weather alerts. In actuality, it was a perfect commercial for our devices.

The tornado sirens ended up going off three times that night. The tornado never hit OUR store, but it DID end up touching down a few BLOCKS away, narrowly missing where I was. I wasn't too worried, though, because apparently our work bathrooms are made of fortified steel, making them perfect tornado bunkers.

There were some really bad storms that hit us for the rest of the weekend but thankfully the tornadoes were all centered around the northwest areas of Oklahoma and I am living on the southeast corner of the state. My parents, Wood-bless them, called and texted me pretty much all weekend to check on me to make sure I will still alive. I am.

I am proud of myself for surviving through this. Living through a tornado attack reminds me of the robbery I was in. It's a life-changing thing. It can strengthen you and give you confidence. I survived. I am a survivor. And I have gathered the courage to evolve into someone that can survive this.

I am also scared shitless about these fucking tornadoes, man.

We'll see.

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