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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Arizona Nights ...

I'm spending the night at my brother's house. We're eating hot dogs. Joe wants me to fight him in a hot dog eating contest like Kobayashi but I don't have the stomach for that. I just know I would fail.

We're watching America's Got Talent right now. I've never watched this before. It feels like Howard Stern sold out. He used to be so controversial and wild and angry but now he's old and tame and trying to be liked by everyone on a freaking reality show, you know? Like Metallica. The old bastards used to be metal rebels who refused to do a music video and didn't NEED radio to be famous ... but now they're wearing khaki shorts and shopping in Beverly Hills with short hair and gold cards and plastic surgery and billions of dollars. What the hell? Does old age do this to you? If so, then I might as well just kill myself. I don't want old age to soften my rough edges.

My brain is just now coming out of the fog that it's been in since yesterday. I had two beers and then my brother gave me this bi-polar mood stabilizing meds he's been on. So I had a knockout pill and beer. I know it's not a good combo but it was damn good to just sleep so soundly.

BTW, I just liked I Love Being Black on my facebook. There's a link on the bottom of my blog that takes you to my facebook page. Friend me. Why the hell not.

It's getting later in the night now. Howard the sellout is gone and now we're hitting the dvd's I was thinking 30 Rock but instead we're watching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia The Nightman Cometh. Great stuff. Classic.

Tomorrow Joe and I are going to go to Phoenix, visit our old stomping grounds a little bit and go to Castles and Coasters to play pinball. It's really amazing how many old school video games and pinball machines they have. I can't wait.

Trying to save money sucks, though. I really wish I had more money to spend here. I hardly have any cash at all. There's so much that I want to do but I can't because I'm just so damn broke. And my parents don't have that much money, either. I want Peter Piper Pizza and used cds at Zia records and movies, movies, movies, and more movies. But I can't. It's rough.

But I'm really happy to be here with my brother.

Just finished a bag of popcorn. I'm living on that stuff right now. We're watching the live version of The Nightman Cometh from the Philadelphia dvd. And I'm drinking a Miller Chill. Joe and I are drinking the last two. Good. I don't want a fucked up haze like what I've been in today.

Day-man! (ahh-AHH-AHH!) Fighter of the Night-Man! (ahh-AHH-AHH!) Champion of the sun!(ahh-AHH-AHH!)

Good stuff.

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