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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Humidity, Father's Day, And My Upcoming Heat-cation ...

It's hot.

I mean it's really hot.

It's a heat that I'm not really used to. I'm from Arizona. And sure it's 120-degrees outside but it's a dry heat that doesn't feel as bad. Here it's 100-degrees and HUMID and so the heat sticks to your skin and makes you feel grimy and oily all day. It's not pleasant. AND it make matters WORSE our air conditioning is broken! So FML right now because I am baking my brown skin off over here!

But I'm also excited as all get out!

See, in a little less than a week I will be traveling to Phoenix, Arizona to visit my parents and maybe some friends and, primarily, my older brother who recently had some "problems" (to say the least) and was recently check out of a mental health facility. And I know it's hotter than Oklahoma but at least it's a dry heat. At least the hotter vacation I will take will FEEL less hot than the heat I'm feeling here now.

I'm excited to see my brother and spend time with him. He's awesome and we always have crazy fun when we hang out. Love the hell out of that man. A-a-a-and I really, reeeeeeeally miss my parents, so obviously I'm really super excited. But I'm also excited to travel on my own. I don't really travel at all, usually, because doing that would require money and, seeing as I have three kids and am forced to live with my in-laws, I hardly have the cash to do it. I went on a one week vacation by myself to Disneyland when I was in college and it was absolutely amazing. I loved it.

And now I get my own private adventure. This monday, early, I will be driving to Norman, Oklahoma, taking a train from there to downtown Ft. Worth. I'll be hanging out there for a while-there's a Barnes and Noble there as well as an AMC theater, so that should be fun. Then I will be going to a nearby hotel and from there I will catch a shuttle to the Dallas airport which is so freaking huge that I will be sure to get there early to have time to check stuff out and eat and shop and whatever. Then I will catch a late trip in a small, cheap airfare company from Texas to Arizona. I'll be doing the same thing on the way back.

I'm excited as all hell. I'll miss my girls and especially my son, but I AM extremely excited about this. The thing is, is that my wife doesn't seem to be that excited or supportive about this trip. Personally, I think this could be a little bit of punishment for all the times that SHE left for work. But she seems silently upset that I'm leaving for a while so I'm trying not to talk about the trip. I think she's upset too about me leaving so close to her birthday but it's not like I'm going to miss it!

Besides, I'm pretty sure that what's going to happen is that her birthday on saturday will take center stage during the weekend, completely eclipsing Father's Day, despite me trying my hardest to make Mother's Day so very important. Well, on the bright side I guess I should be happy that this year her birthday isn't on the same DAY as Father's Day, right?

Anyway, wish me luck on my soon to be heat-cation.

Wind Clan out.

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